Review: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – 76078 Hulk vs Red Hulk

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As a major Hulk fan I was pleasantly surprised when the Hulk vs Red Hulk set was revealed last year at SDCC and now that I finally have it in hand it’s time for a review.

Full disclosure: The following LEGO set was provided to The Nerd Recites without cost in exchange for an honest review and as such all of the views and opinions of the author are their own. Being sent a review sample does not guarantee a review or even a positive review, but should we enjoy the product we will always promote it.

I’ll make it clear now that as an adult fan of LEGO this set only appeals to me in terms of it’s minifigures, minifigures that I very much like, and not the set as a whole or it’s vehicles. So with that in mind, let’s dive into this SMASH-tastic review.

The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – (76078) Hulk vs Red Hulk set comes with four minifigures including two big minifigures plus two vehicles, one each for Team Hulk and one for Team Red Hulk. The set has an RRP of £54.99 and consists of 375 pieces of LEGO, it’s official description follows:

Pitch Team Hulk against Team Red Hulk in this sturdy LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes set. Fit the characters onto their tough vehicles and crash them into each other to send the big figures flying into battle. For even more fun battle action, fire the vehicle-mounted twin stud shooters and six-stud shooter. Includes two minifigures and two big figures.

We’ll start the review off by looking over the two vehicles included in the set. If you hadn’t already gathered from the official description the aim of the game with this set is to crash both of the vehicles into each other, subsequently launching the Hulk and Red Hulk figures into one another. In this function the vehicles perform exceptionally well, both of them have a similar underlying mechanism which when collided with the other vehicle, will crumple and launch a platform (and a Hulk) up from the rear of the vehicle.

Team Red Hulk’s trike. Not the three twin stud-shooters mounted around the vehicle.

On a whole I dislike the design and aesthetics of these vehicles, they are gaudy, clumsy and outright ugly. They don’t match anything from canon, or vaguely canon in the Marvel world. But once again, they do function and perform well, there’s no doubt that as a very destructive 10 year old child I would’ve have loved these vehicles at that age.

In terms of construction the vehicles went together without any issues, even though they both share the same underlying crumple and launch mechanism there is very little repetition when building both vehicles which is a bonus. The set also came with a small sheet of stickers, which adorn the vehicles with scratches, license plates and warnings, very fitting with the general tone of the set.

Team Hulk’s buggy, equipped with a six-shot stud-shooter and small biohazard details.

The last feature of both of these vehicles is that they both come with stud shooters. Team Red Hulk’s vehicle is packed with three twin stud shooters and Team Green Hulk’s vehicles come with a single six stud shooter.

With the vehicles wrapped up it’s time to look at the minifigures. Right out of the door, this is the first LEGO appearance of Red Hulk, Red She-hulk and She-Hulk and as if three new character licenses wasn’t good enough we also have a new sculpt for Hulk as well.

Something to note is that while Hulk and Red-Hulk may appear to be the same sculpt they are in fact different sculpts. They have subtle differences between them in the musculature but the biggest differences are the hair styles and the invulnerable shorts. Both of the Hulk’s feature the same limited articulation that the majority of all big minifigures suffer with, just moveable shoulder joints and nothing else. This is a real shame given all of the articulation that the Killer-Croc big minifigure comes with.

The HULK family portrait. From left to right, Red She-hulk, Red Hulk, Hulk and She-Hulk

The She-hulks are standard minifigures with moulded over-the-shoulder hair pieces, the both lack any accessories but are both very well printed and come with dual faces; smirking and angry. It’s hard not to see the comparison with regular She-hulk and her classic outfit from the Marvel comics I read as a kid, the nostalgia is real.

For me the minifigures are straight up wonderful, it’s good to see new characters added to the LEGO universe and ones that mean so much to me as well. The printing detail is superb and from a nerd perspective it’s great to be introducing the new generation to Marvel characters that don’t exist in the MCU they’ve grown up with.

Overall, is this a good value set? Well it depends on what you want it for. In terms of cost per LEGO piece, it’s quite a costly set and you’d be better off buying a different set, but if you know a child who would enthusiastically play with this set and has a love for the Hulk then this is an all around win.

However if as an adult you were buying this set for display you’re going to be disappointed with it’s aesthetics and cost. It’s only saving grace are the excellent minifigures, but at £54.99 it’s a really expensive way of acquiring four minifigures. But if I’m being completely honest I’d probably buy this set for myself just for the minifigures, but also with the knowledge that one of the kids would be happy to play with the vehicles and the cost would be justified.

In the end I’ve rated this set from a general perspective, it has great playability, excellent minifigures and was an enjoyable build but it has an expensive cost per piece and the vehicles look awful. My advice would be to wait for a sale if buying just for the minifigures but if purchasing for a child, buy it straight away, they’re going to have a lot of fun playing with the Hulk vs Red Hulk LEGO set.

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Written by Michael James Ilett


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