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By ·February 4, 2017 4:04 pm

Everyone loves pizza ?, right? Of course they do and that’s why this LEGO City (60150) Pizza Van gets five full stars from me. Peace out.

Ha, if only it were that simple to do a review. However this LEGO Pizza Van does get the full five stars and it deserves them all. This set packs a punch and do you know what? For just £14.99 can purchase this whole set, yes that’s a pizza van, a moped, a picnic bench, two minifigures plus plastic pizza and fries for less than a medium pepperoni passion from Domino’s. Mind Fucking Blown.

Full disclosure: The following LEGO set was provided to The Nerd Recites without cost in exchange for an honest review and as such all of the views and opinions of the author are their own. Being sent a review sample does not guarantee a review or even a positive review, but should we enjoy the product we will always promote it.

The focus of this set is of course the titular vehicle, the humble pizza van. Food trucks are all the rage, so why not buld a little yellow LEGO one too. The vehicle of course has a bold colour scheme of yellow and burgundy which I very much appreciate as it adds a certain amount of eccentricity to the set. Alongside the colour scheme we have some excellent sticker usage on the vehicle such as the “City Pizza” sign and food menus on either side of the truck.

My favourite aspect of this set is the detailed interior of the pizza van, more specifically the kitchen end of the van. Inside of the kitchen you’ll be delighted to find a whole pizza, can of drink, portion of fries, ketchup and mustard dispensers, a cash register and even a pizza over. Albeit the pizza oven looks like a microwave oven and fries are just recoloured crystal elements we have seen in previous sets such as the Volcano Explorers from last year. Regardless of these quibbles the kitchen adds so much depth to the set and easily allows for imaginative play.

The Pizza Van (60150) set comes with two minifigures. The first of which is the pizza van chef, a maestro of round foods. The chef comes decked out in cook’s whites and sports a fashionable moustache.

Secondly we have a lady and her moped. Now I’m not sure if she’s meant to be a pizza delivery driver or if she’s just driven to the pizza van on her moped to pick up some lunch. Regardless of confusing purpose of this character, she comes with a fixed hairpiece that goes below her shoulders and has a printed hoodie with design on the torso piece. Her red moped also comes with a stack of two precariously placed pizza boxes.

Finally to round out the set we have picnic table with parasol which even comes with a tiny slice of pigeon, perfect for those pesky pigeons. I don’t personally think much to the picnic table, it’s quite tall compared to the minifigures, however the additional slice of pizza which is a printed quarter circle tile is a nice inclusion in the set.

In terms of build there was nothing exceptionally complicated, fitting the kitchen is a tad fiddly with big sausage fingers, but other than that it’s a breeze. The set also have minimal stickers, and the stickers it does have add much needed detail to what could be a bland yellow vehicle.

All in all I personally think this is a near perfect set, I genuinely couldn’t praise it enough. It does have a few quirks and oddities but only when you examine it with an adult’s logic. For under £15 you definitely got a whole lot of play experience with two vehicles, two minifigures and a handful of accessories.

Any child would be over the moon with this set and as I said earlier, who doesn’t love pizza? And as a parent it’s a lot of value for money and all for less than the price of an actual takeaway pizza. I also feel that the subject matter is quirky and relatable enough for most adults to enjoy putting together. Overall this is a five star set with lots of playability and at a very affordable price.

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Written by Michael James Ilett


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