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As part of LEGO’s summer release we were sent some sets to test out and review and the one we’re covering today is the LEGO City (60103) Air Show playset from the City Airports sub-theme.

Full disclosure: All of the views and opinions in this review are that of my own but I was provided with this LEGO set for free for the purpose of this review.

City Airports is one of the two new sub-themes LEGO have introduced in their LEGO City summer releases, the other new sub-theme being Volcano Explorers. Alongside the Airport Air Show set we’re reviewing today, the City Airports sub-theme brings with it the Airport Passenger Terminal, Airport VIP Service, Airport Cargo Plane and the Airport Starter sets all of which can be found here alongside details of the new Volcano Explorers releases.

The LEGO City Airport (60103) Air Show playset is a large sized set and is the second most expensive set in the new City Airports releases. It has a recommended retail prices of £69.99 and has 670 pieces and a cost of 10.4p per piece. The set features three airplane models, a hangar, mechanic support vehicle and six minifigures. An overview of the set and offcial description follow:

Overview of the LEGO City - 60103 Airport Air Show playset

Overview of the LEGO City – 60103 Airport Air Show playset

Official Description of the City Airport (60103) Air Show playset

Check out the cool stunt jets and the vintage plane before they take off — then watch them do their tricks in the air. Cheer along with the crowd as the planes come in for a landing and head back to the hangar, then join the mechanic and help keep the planes in tip-top shape for the next event!

Now that we’ve introduced the set, it’s time for the review. Me and my nephew built this set together so I’ll be adding my observations of how he found building the set into my review. I’ll be reviewing each of the main parts of the set individually before providing an overview of the set as a whole.

Before we jump into the bulk of the revie, the first really positive note is that you’re shown which bags of LEGO corresponded to what models. This meant that while I could tackle the planes individually my nephew could tackle the hangar and mechanic at his own speed. All in all this is a great touch that easily allows for co-building with friends and family.


2x Stunt Jets


The first thing about these jets is that while they look very similar, they have enough differences between them that they have their own sense of identity and pleasantly, an indidividual building experience.

They went together super quick and with minimal hassle, as usual the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Each of the stunt jets came with an individual pilot, one male and one female. Both of the jets only had four stickers each to deal with, which were simple enough to apply and more importantly easy to get the right positioning. The stickers used are underneath the canopies, one either side and on the flying tails, once again on either side.

Once built these jets were sturdy and in no way fragile, as soon as I’d finished the first jet my nephew snatched it away and started flying it around the kitchen – I’d say it was a success.




As an adult the hangar itself has very little appeal to me as once I’ve built a set, it’ll just be displayed with the rest of my collectibles and for me it’s all about the vehicles. However for my nephew, who built the hangar, this was an integral part to his enjoyment of the set. It allowed him to easily play pretend that he was taxiing the planes into the hangar for storage and maintencance.

Building the hangar provided a few difficulties for my nephew, mainly due all of the bricks being the same colour. Anyone who’s ever built one of the many grey LEGO Star Wars vehicles know how difficult it can be to see where to place the next brick and what’s changed between instruction steps, but with a bit of help from myself this came together in no time. The hangar also had very little in the way of stickers, just the two above the entrance which read “Airshow” and “Hangar”.

The only conceptual issue is that this a three plane set but the hangar only fits one plane. It’s clear to see that an appropriately sized hangar would be a no go due to it’s size (and additional cost to the rrp) but it still feels like an oversight.


Mechanic, Signalman, vehicle & accessories


This stage of the build saw my nephew put together the mechanic, signalman, small refuelling vehicle and the mechanics toolkit. These small accessories were another big hit for my nephew, once again it goes to show that the accessories are what gives big sets like this, lots of replayability.

Notably the mechanics toolkit has lots of little tools such as a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench and so on, all of which added to the replayability factor for my nephew. Another great thing was all of the little tools have a specific place to live on the set, making it easy to prevent lost parts.

No real difficulties putting these together as there’s very little to built but it did include a few stickers and having to tie a knot for the refuelling hose, but easy enough with an adults help.


Vintage plane


The vintage plane was the last thing I built, as with the two stunt jets it was easy enough to build and a very sturdy model once completed. It comes with two minifigures, a male pilot and female stuntwoman.

I was dismayed at the amount of stickers used on the vintage plane, I personally dislike stickers and always prefer printed bricks over stickers. It’s too easy to badly place a sticker and spoil the appearance your brand new £69.99 LEGO set. Some of the sticker choices really bothered me as well, for instance the control panels of each of the stunt jets were high quality printed brick plates, yet for the vintage plane we had to place a sticker.

Another bugbear for me with LEGO sets are accessories that don’t have adequate storage within the set. With the stuntwoman minifigure, to use her flying cap you have to remove her hair piece and vice versa, but we’re not provided anywhere to store her flying cap when not in use.

Irregardless of my personal complaints, the vintage plane is an enjoyable build and my nephew took to playing with it straight away.


This is all in all an amazing set! Both me and my nephew are very happy with the end result. Sadly I lost track of time when building this with my nephew, so i’m unable to tell you how long it took to constuct but we lost track of time because we were having so much fun building and playing with our new LEGO planes – which in itself talks volumes about the LEGO City: 60103 Airport Air Show playset.

All of the plane models are of a good size, and the hangar is a fairly large build, albeit only fitting one of the planes at a time. From my nephew’s perspective there is so much replayability with this set, there are a lot of components and accessories which means he can really mix up how he plays with the set each and every time he gets it out.

The only downside for me was the amount of stickers used in the vintage plane model, but given the sparsity of stickers for the rest of builds this can easily be overlooked.

So is the LEGO City: 60103 Airport Air Show playset value for money with an RRP of £69.99 – I’d definitely say so given all of the builds we get with it, it’s replayability, the size of the builds and the amount of fun me and my nephew had constucting and playing with it.

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All of the LEGO City Airports sets, including the one we’ve just reviewed, are now available to purchase from your favourite retaillers.

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