Review: LEGO BrickHeadz – 41592 Hulk and 41590 Iron Man

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In this review I’ll be taking a look at two of the sets from the relatively new BrickHeadz theme, namely the Iron Man and Hulk builds which were kindly sent to us by LEGO. All of the views expressed in this review are my own honest opinions.

Initially launched as a LEGO store exclusive in January, BrickHeadz have since become a general release theme and are now available from all good LEGO retailers. They are individually priced at £9.99 and cover a range of franchises including The LEGO Batman Movie, Pirates of the Caribbean and Marvel.

While at first glimpse these stylized LEGO builds may look to be a competitor to Funko’s POP! offerings, they are in fact the personal creations of a LEGO designer. He was asked to pitch his creations as a new theme and well, the rest is history. You can read the full story over at Brickset in their interview with BrickHeadz designer Austin Carlson.

Both of these sets took around 10-15 minutes each to build and that’s mostly because my toddler “helped”, the sets aren’t challenging lacking any advanced techniques. However the simplicity of the build is it’s genius and allows the theme to easily extend and alter the base BrickHeadz design into a whole array of characters going forward.

LEGO BrickHeadz – 41590 Iron Man

The Iron Man (41590) BrickHeadz set is a solid but simple build, nothing stands out as good or bad with Iron Man. The build is instantly recognisable as Iron Man and the printed parts are high quality with crisp printing. Perhaps, my only criticism would be that all of the detailing is achieved purely by printed panels, but given the form this is adequate.

With the Hulk (41592) set I do have some quibbles. Namely, I feel the LEGO have missed an opportunity here to create a bigfig scale version of the BrickHeadz format. That level of scale would have suited the Hulk much better than the aberrant creation that was put to market.

To achieve a semblance of Hulk’s might they have chosen to give him bulky yet tubular arms which ends up being visually distracting and out of proportion because it’s only his arms that are increased in size. In a sense, what we have here is a drastic case of skipping leg day, every day.

On the plus side the Hulk BrickHeadz figure does have textured hair created with 1x1x1 wedges, which while slightly odd to the eyes does add a level of texture and detail that is generally missing from the theme as a whole.

LEGO BrickHeadz – 41592 Hulk

The format does have a lot of potential and I imagine it’s going to see a lot of use over the next year or so with new licenses entering the fray, The Last Jedi being one of them. In all honesty I’d be more interested in seeing original BrickHeadz creations from the LEGO team over more heavy stylization of licensed characters à la Funko.

You do get a decent build for the price you pay, but it’s a highly stylized build and whether that appeals to you will really determine if it’s worth it to you. But in terms of bricks and unique printed elements, you’re onto a good bet here.

Ultimately these are not for me, I don’t like the style and I genuinely think they missed a beat by not making the Hulk set a bigfig scaled BrickHeadz. Objectively, these are good quality builds that contain lots of unique elements and do offer value for money but they are simplistic in design and decoration.

For the right collector these will be a winner, oh and I forgot to mention that the BrickHeadz range doesn’t use any stickers at all, so you can actually make that a double winner for the right collector.

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Image Credit: LEGO / Michael James Ilett


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