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By ·March 5, 2016 8:00 am

My Deadpool Marvel Collector Corps box from Funko finally arrived, so let’s have a look together and see what I received.

Before we start let’s discuss costs. This box costs $25 plus shipping and handling, now to get that to the UK it cost an additional $18 in shipping so $43 total for the box. Luckily this did not get marked up for a customs fee however be aware that if you choose to order yourself a Collector Corps box you could incur a customs fee yourself.

You can see the top of the box in the lead image above. Collector corps produce custom shipping boxes for each edition they make, it’s add good amount of polish to the product they offer. It is noted by Funko that these are specifically shipping containers and the boxes will often get damaged and covered in stickers and postal marks.

Here is a side view of the Deadpool Collector Corps box:


Upon opening the box this is the first thing we see:


Detailed shots of the patch and pin badge. Both are of a high quality and of the standard you can expect from Collector Corps. The patch is nicely embroidered and the badge is more of an image covered in clear vinyl as opposed to the more traditional enamel badges.



The next layer of the Deadpool Collector Corps box contains a host of collectibles. Not seen in this shot is the t-shirt and comic, those along with the collectibles are discussed in detail below.


Now, this is the worst part of this box in my opinion. I just do not have a high level of appreciation for plush, especially for plush that looks low quality and not particularly fitting of the source material.

If nothing else this does feel like it’s made out of the same material as a microfibre cloth, so could make a good screen cleaner. Don’t hold me to that, we all know Deadpool can be a bit of a dick and would probably smear the hell out of your screens.


It’s Deadpool as a cute little cowboy, check out the wooden horse! Another Dorbz figure from Collector Corps, while the aesthetics of Dorbz doesn’t really match the character of Deadpool, this will definitely appeal to some of the collectors in the market.


The real shine out star of this box is the exclusive Deadpool Funk Pop Vinyl figure. The real thing to note here is the dynamic pose of this figure. Deadpool is leaping, which given the generally static poses of the average Pop Vinyl figure, makes for a hell of a stand out collectible.

No doubt this figure will be doing quite on eBay given it’s unique pose and exclusivity.


As has become the norm with Collector Corps, we’ve got another variant cover comic. This time it’s Deadpool 001 in a Pop Vinyl, nothing spectacular here, but still a nice piece.


Now we move on to the t-shirt. First of all it’s a good quality base shirt, albeit of a thinner material than I personally like. The design is solid and instantly recogniseable as a Pop Vinyl, which is great if you’re okay with looking like an advertisement for Funko.

From what I’ve seen across the internet this t-shirt also came in several variants with deadpool being coloured red, yellow, grey or black like mine.


So that concludes our review of the Deadpool Collector Corps box for Febuary. Overall there are some great quality items in here, I’m especially blown away by dynamic pose for the Pop vinyl figure – something you do not see often with Funko. If iwe exclude the Deadpool Mopeez then this box is an all around winner. Good Show!

You can find out more about Collector Corps and the subscription packages they often on their website. The next box due for release is Captain America: Civil War themed and closes for purchase on the 15th of April.

The Collector Corps box reviewed in this post has been purchased with my own money for me to review and was not donated by Funko or any of it’s subsidiaries.

Written by Michael James Ilett


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