Review: DC LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros – 76068 Superman Vs. Bizarro

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LEGO’s Mighty Micros are different to the larger DC Super Hero sets for the simple fact that they are intended as quick builds, with more modest outcomes. With that in mind, I chose Superman Vs. Bizarro as my first Mighty Micros set to construct, mainly due to the rarity of getting to see any collectibles featuring Bizarro and also because I don’t own any Superman LEGO.

The “micro” in the title certainly translates into the build time; Superman took me about 10 minutes to construct and Bizarro about 5 minutes, due his vehicle having a similar structure to Superman’s. Thankfully, this is reflected in the price too, with these sets being priced at a very modesy £8.99. That’s only £4.50 per character and vehicle, if you choose to look at it that way, which is more than reasonable, given that the LEGO Batman singular figures (no vehicles included) are being sold in shops at the moment for £3.00 each.

This set is a clear success of the value front, but when it comes to the build and following the instructions, I went a little astray. Perhaps it’s because I rarely build LEGO, but I made an error on the wheels of both vehicles. Superman’s wheel spokes are clearly grey and Bizarro’s are clearly white, so that was easy enough to distinguish. However, what the instructions don’t make entirely clear enough is that the back wheels hold a different kind of spoke to his front wheels, and there are also two slightly different sizes of tyre. Therefore, in my haste and excitement to build this set I used any spoke and any wheel and ended up with spokes in the wrong places and a jumble of tyres sizes (albeit the correct colours on the correct vehicles). The spokes don’t come off after you’ve locked them in place, so although Bizarro’s vehicle luckily glides smoothly despite this, Superman’s doesn’t and rather stiffly.

My fully constructed Superman and Bizzarro, including incorrectly placed tyres and wheel spokes.

This is certainly a flaw in my methodology rather than in the instructions, but I do feel that LEGO could have make the different between the spoke types and tyre types a little clearer, so that those who are building with haste will notice the differences before it is too late. It also would be nice if the wheel spokes were removable after an error has been made, so that the error could be corrected. These are minor gripes, however, which I reiterate are down to my own error, rather than an error with the product itself.

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One clever little addition is that Superman comes with a blue kryptonite. Although in the show Smallville blue kryptonite had the negative affect of stripping a Kryptonian of their powers, in the comic book mythology (which is what counts) it has no adverse effect on Kryptonians and more importantly is deadly to Bizarros. This is why Superman has been handed it here – so he can hurl it at Bizarro, just as Bizarro attempts to hurl green Kryptonite at him. Both kryptonites don’t sit very firmly in the hands of the LEGO figures and are easy to knock out of place, but this might be due to the aforementioned intent for them to be easily hurled at their opponent.

Other nice details include the signature curl of hair on superman’s forehead, a smug expression on Superman’s face and a classically hilarious bowl haircut on Bizarro. Even more fitting is the fact that Bizarro’s vehicle is both built and operated in reverse, which adds to the theme of Bizarro being a mirror/alternate of Superman. It’s a really nice touch and while you could argue why either of them need vehicles at all, due to the power of flight, this all adds to the charm of the this strange little line from LEGO.

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This is decent product, especially considering the value for money. There are a few nice quirks in the design that make the set worthwhile, but this is offset a little by the lack of capacity for correction when you make an error with the wheels. Playability is also limited – you can hurl kryptonites all you want, but this would undoubtedly grow tedious very quickly. Only invest in this if you don’t mind modest results and you’re a fan of the characters themselves. Ultimately, there are much better DC LEGO sets the market to invest in if you’re willing to spend bit more money.

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