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Beware: this article includes spoilers for Civil War II #0. 

From the creative team that brought you House of M and Siege comes a blistering first chapter in Marvel’s new explosive event. Watch as the players are introduced and the table is set for a storyline that fans will be talking about for years.

Brian Michael Bendis’ first issue of the long awaited arc opens up in a courtroom as She-Hulk is attempting to defend her client Jonathan Powers, formally known as the criminal “Jester”. Readers are informed that Powers has been arrested for merely talking about what he would have done differently regarding his past crimes. Despite not planning any future offences or actually doing anything illegal, Jester was arrested. She-Hulk has taken it upon herself to defend the man formally known as Jester as this whole situation is a gross miscarriage of justice; a person, be they Human, Inhuman, or Mutant must not be punished for something they have not done.

As She-Hulk, real name Jennifer Walters, is later informed, Jonathan Powers was ultimately sent to prison, attacked and killed. This outcome noticeably troubles Ms. Walters; Mr. Powers was purely punished for the possibility that he might commit a crime in the future. S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill further irks She-Hulk by suggesting it was the right decision by the jury as Mr. Powers, Jester, would no doubt relapse and return to his criminal ways.

She-Hulk's faith in the justice system begins to falter.

She-Hulk’s faith in the justice system begins to falter.

Over at the Triskelion, current home and headquarters of the Ultimates, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) is surprised to hear that she has a visitor. Inside one of the many console rooms, Captain Marvel finds Doctor Samson. The conversation between Carol and the doctor, shows that the idea of preventing disasters / crimes before they can transpire has long been on Carol’s mind. Captain Marvel tells Dr. Samson about a mother, constantly worrying that a terrible disaster will befall her unruly children as an analogy for the numerous disasters that have, might, and will befall the planet. What we are seeing here provides the foundation of her future ideals in the war to come, which, as we know, will see her facing off against Iron Man himself. If we have the power to prevent a disaster, it is our responsibility to do so.

These two segments set the stage for the conflict that the Marvel Universe is about to experience – Does one have the right to punish somebody for a crime they have not yet committed, or do the powers that be have the right, the duty, to prevent disasters and evil deeds before they have a chance to occur?

Of course, much more happens during this issue than what we have reviewed here, but we wouldn’t want to spoil everything for you now, would we?


Illustrated by the talented Olivier Coipel, Civil War II is expertly drawn, and a superb example of Coipel’s skill; showcasing cinematic framing, strong character poses, and  apocalyptic landscapes. We are excited to see what Coipel will treat our eyes to within the upcoming issues of this story.

Coipel’s artwork is beautifully complimented by colourist Justin Ponsor, particularly in the scenes involving Colonel James Rhodes – War Machine meeting with a rather prestigious person, and the ominous green glow of the Terrigen Mist that engulfs a university and the surrounding bystanders.

Naturally, this issue is not without its flaws. The biggest problem we have with this issue is that Iron Man is nowhere to be seen. Considering that Civil War II is headed by Captain Marvel and Iron Man, it’s remarkable that all we get of Tony Stark is a simple name-drop. If the teams were not already announced, you’d be forgiven for believing that She-Hulk would be the one squaring off against Captain Marvel.

Overall, we consider this to be a wonderful set-up to the main event. The pieces are falling into place, we get a taste of what the main altercation will be between many of our beloved heroes. Bendis has done a terrific job at presenting readers with reasons to support either of the given causes, with neither viewpoint given precedence over the other.

So now, dear reader, it’s time for your input. What did you think about this issue? Have you already chosen a side? Let us know in the comments below. Protect the future? Change the future? Civil War II starts now.

Civil War #0 is available now.

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis.

Cover and Art by: Olivier Coipel.

Colourist: Justin Ponsor.

Image Credits: Marvel.

Written by Oliver Ducker

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