Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition is coming this December

By ·September 5, 2017 10:57 pm

After clawing its way back into our hearts earlier this year, Resident Evil 7 is finally returning this winter with all the DLC it promised and quite a bit more as a bonus. The RE7: Gold Edition will be released on December 12th and will include, of course, the critically lauded main game plus all of the existing DLC expansions.

These include both Banned Footage instalments plus the elusive Not a Hero single-player story campaign teased at the end of the main game. None of this information is surprising, but what is surprising is the announcement of the inclusion of another story campaign entitled End of Zoe.

I can’t delve too deeply into the premises of these campaigns without spoiling the plot for those lucky enough not to have played the main game yet, all I can say is that both campaigns involve new areas of the terrifying Baker estate to explore along with hideous new monsters that the player must survive either by fighting with meager weapons or just flat-out running away from.

RE7 came out in January to critical acclaim and surprised the hell out of everybody who had been left jaded by the disappointing previous game. Not only was RE7 a great return-to-form for the series, it was an amazing horror game by any standard that anybody could get into, not just fans of the series.

I dug it deep for the atmosphere alone which was a perfect pastiche of my favorite horror tropes such as taking place in a scary house in a murky forest populated by shambling eldritch abominations on the hunt for blood. Good times.

The price for the RE7: Gold edition has not been announced, but it is known that the bundle will cover the season pass which pays for all currently released DLC plus the upcoming two story campaigns. So, if you already bought the season pass, you won’t have to pay extra unless you buy the physical copy of the game. RE7 is an amazing monster that isn’t dead yet and is clearly worth poking with a stick just to see the horror it still has left to offer.

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