Quiz: Twin Peaks mythology or fictional pharmacology? 

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Twin Peaks is renowned for its strange and heady mythology. If you’re caught up with the current revival you’ll know exactly what we mean.

From the weirdness of The Black Lodge to the cryptic notes left behind by General Briggs, the show uses a deft mix of baffling but brilliant content for its otherworldly mythos.

This quiz challenges your knowledge of Twin Peaks lore. Your task is to guess whether the following are names of things (places, ethereal concepts, episode titles and more) within Twin Peaks mythology, or fictional pharmaceuticals from other genre content (films, books, games and so forth).

Questions – Twin Peaks mythology or fictional pharmacology?

  1. Soma
  2. Glastonbury Grove
  3. The Black Widow
  4. ALZ-113
  5. Daylight
  6. Hydra
  7. Project Blue Book
  8. Phalanx
  9. Ghostwood
  10. Kalocin
  11. Black Rose
  12. Vigor
  13. DC2
  14. Lydecker
  15. Double R
  16. Semuta
  17. Blue Pine
  18. Space Mead
  19. Garmonbozia
  20. Red Room

Answers – Twin Peaks mythology or fictional pharmacology?

Fictional pharmacology: 1.) from Brave New World, 4.) from Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 5.) from Resident Evil Outbreak, 6.) from Fallout: New Vegas, 8.) from World War Z, 10.) from The Andromeda Strain, 12.) from BioShock Infinite, 13.) from Planet Terror, 16.) from Dune, 18.) from the Cthulhu mythos

Twin Peaks mythology: 2.) location of the entrance to the Black Lodge, 3.) 2×12  episode title, 7.) secret govt. operation that Windom Earle and Major Briggs were involved with, 9.) name of the forest surrounding Twin Peaks, 11.) nickname of the woman who runs One Eyed Jack’s, 14.) name of the veterinary clinic in Twin Peaks, 15.) name of the diner owned by Norma Jennings, 17.) name of the lodge where the Packard’s reside, 19.) the physical embodiment of “pain and sorrow” – usually appears as creamed corn, 20.) waiting place between the black and white lodges

Given the enigmatic and often cryptic terminology used within Twin Peaks it can often be confounding to follow, let alone make sense of. Our quiz was conceived in the same spirit, as we love a good challenge, though we certainly tried to toss some easy ones in as well. We hope you found our quiz to be both fun and challenging.

How did you fare? Let us know how you did in the comments section below!

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