Quiz: This is the end – final scenes in Science Fiction

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Science Fiction holds some of the very best closing scenes in cinematic and television history. From the perspective-altering Statue of Liberty moment at the end of Planet of the Apes to Alphaville‘s eloquent “I love you” car scene, it’s a genre that often likes to the close out with a bang, rather than a whimper.

We’ve craftily-phrased 10 famous final scenes from classic and cult Science Fiction films and television shows. Your task is to identify which film or television show these final moments belong to. One tip: we’ve also included final scenes from television shows that were prematurely cancelled.

Questions – Which Science Fiction films or TV shows are these final scenes from?

1) A mute woman and a bearded man are shot dead, then a mortally wounded man uses his dying moments to detonate a nuclear bomb.

2) A father in a visibly-impaired setting shoots his son and three other survivors, then himself. Help then arrives, but moments too late.

3) A woman and two young children walk a frozen landscape as the sun brightens and warms the earth for the first time in ages.

4) A thirtysomething son opens a letter addressed from his father, finding a simple sketch of a white tulip.

5) A non-human female voice narrates. A woman walks down a street with a dog, then answers a pay phone, looks into a CCTV camera and smiles.

6) Two brothers teleport back to their home world. A team parts ways. A director makes assurances that they’ll return when needed. A genius plans for the future.

7) A generator is turned on. Everyone in New York city collapses except for one autistic man, who walks among the unconscious, wondering what happened.

8) A man lies on a forest floor looking up through the trees, a dog beside him. A plane flies overhead, he smiles. His eyes close.

9) A transport pod carrying a version of a man launches for Earth. We hear news reports of what happened when the passenger arrived there and the secret he unveiled.

10) A team fears their newfound powers will be discovered. They agree to use their powers to erase their memories, resolving a paradox. An object rises from the ocean and ascends into space.


Answers – Which Science Fiction films or TV shows are these final scenes from?

The classic “I love you” ending of Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville.

Film: 1) Beneath the Planet of the Apes, 2) The Mist, 3) Sunshine, 6) The Avengers, 9) Moon, 10) Sphere

Television: 4) Fringe, 5) Person of Interest, 7) Alphas, 8) LOST

Science Fiction is known for the power of its ideas, but this quiz highlights just how crucial emotion is to this genre too. Many of our selected endings are more famous for their emotional power than they are for the thought-provoking ideas that surround them. It’s a beautiful genre that can handle both of these things.

How did you fare? Let us know how many you got right in the comments section below.

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