Pokemon GO creator is revamping Ingress – an augmented-reality game set in a sci-fi world

By ·December 4, 2017 10:44 pm

Pokemon GO creator Niantic, Inc. has announced it is overhauling its first mobile augmented-reality game, Ingress. Similar to Pokemon GO, Ingress places digital footprints in places of cultural importance like landmarks or public art around the world. Instead of capturing Pokemon, however, players in Ingress capture “portals” for one of two opposing factions (Enlightened and Resistance) in a futuristic, sci-fi setting.

The new update is called Ingress Prime and will be launched in 2018.

According to Niantic, the game will make use of Ingress’s established user base. The game has been downloaded over 20 million times since its launch in 2012.

Ingress Prime looks to be a huge update:

Ingress Prime brings in a completely redesigned user interface and sound design. New features integrate state-of-the-art augmented reality technology leveraging smartphone cameras to immerse players in the sci-fi world of Ingress. An in-depth new user experience will introduce new and returning Agents to the Real World global game and battle between the Enlightened and Resistance factions.

Though Ingress Prime contains many new enhancements, current players (“Agents”) will keep their in-game progress.

The launch of Ingress Prime in 2018 will kick off a massive new story arc, beginning a brand new narrative for Agents worldwide. While the global game board will reset as part of the new storyline, current Agents will retain all of their current in-game progression, level and items in Ingress Prime.

In addition, an anime series set in the Ingress world is being developed.

Ingress Prime will be available for iPhone, iPad and Android in 2018.

Written by Alane Lim

Alane Lim is a materials science graduate student and writer based in Chicago, IL. She has been published in science, satire, and entertainment writing, the latter focusing on character and show analyses.

Her interests include indie games, Archie comics, and sci-fi/fantasy books.

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