Overwatch comes out with it’s first animated short

By ·March 30, 2016 9:00 am

Blizzard had announced that their new game, Overwatch, would be coming out with animated shorts that highlight some of its character’s background stories. One of these shorts, “Recall,” was released last week and features a quite interesting character named Winston.

The short has animation that can rival some actual shows and makes some wish it actually were one. The animation starts off with Winston, an overly intelligent gorilla and as he himself puts it, a scientist. It delves into his past as a scientist’s experiment, them both living in some type of craft on the moon. They don’t try to hide Winston’s affection for the scientist, hinting at the fact it might be where he got his name, as the scientist’s name is Harold Winston. It shows the close bond they have as well as a picture of the two Winston has kept for years.

The short takes an epic turn as Winston must fight a skull faced villain who is trying to get the location of the other agents. Thankfully, by the end of the short, Winston had foiled his plans, but the Reaper had escaped.


About 15 faces of agents had popped onto the screen during the short, but only one, named Tracer, would be noticeable as she is the one plastered onto the game’s cover. There is supposedly 21 characters, all of which are unique and have their own backstories. There are characters such as ninjas, cowboys, archers, ones with mech suits, and angels.

Twitter user, Neracide, had put together the 15 that had appeared in the short.

Overwatch finally hits stores on May 24th for PS4, Xbox1, and PC, and opens for beta on May 3rd for those who pre-ordered the title.

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