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This week’s installment of Outcast carries more gravity than episodes of late, demonstrating that there’s more going on in the narrative than meets the eye. The series manages to answer some questions while also delivering new revelations. Below is our detailed and spoiler-heavy review.

The opening scene is an unexpected flashback of Sidney before being possessed, revealing that the man he was before is actually far more despicable than the character we’ve come to know. It seems evident by now that Sidney is not actually the devil, as Anderson believes him to be. In the present, Chief Giles arrests him for his attack on the Reverend, and he’s later visited by Kyle in an attempt to get answers. An altercation transpired between the two, and Kyle is told that if he removes the demon from Sidney he’ll leave a monster behind. Sidney then reveals that they don’t get to choose who they inhabit, saying “You land where you land.” Kyle then questions why this keeps happening around him and is told that he more or less acts as a beacon. Sidney also explains that if Kyle would leave the possessed individuals be, they would find a way to coexist with the person they’re inhabiting. After Kyle expresses concern for those close to the afflicted individuals, Sidney explains that the first few days are rough, and the newly possessed can often hurt themselves or those around them.

After his recent outburst during Remembrance Day, Reverend Anderson manages to further alienate himself from both characters and viewers with incredible efficiency.  Initially, he challenges Chief Giles for arresting Sidney for his assault on him, telling his friend that he’s handing Sidney ammunition to expand his following. Later in the episode he practically has to beg Kat Ogden (who we recently learned is possessed) to allow him to help her when she discovers her tire is flat. However, proving himself to be decietful, he instead drives her to Kyle’s house and confronts her, asking if Sidney is preparing for the coming apocalypse. She states that he’s focusing on the negative, and insists he shouldn’t be so worried if his faith is so strong. Anderson attempts to force Kyle to exorcise her but he refuses, causing the pair to come to blows. While it’s evident that Anderson is following his instincts, he seems to lack the conviction to follow through with any amount of reason, making him seem a man acting out of maddened desperation and making even viewers wonder if he has any idea what he’s doing. He seems more concerned about his bruised ego than anything else at this point, and by the end of the episode, he’s is dismissed from his duties and asked to leave the parish, forcing him to turn to Patricia, who seems to be his only remaining friend in town.


Kyle and Chief Giles confront a desperate Reverend Anderson.

Chief Giles confronts Kat’s husband, Lenny, about her being possessed. In an unexpected turn of events we learn that he’s is not only aware of her condition, but the secret he’s been harboring is that he prefers her this way. It’s revealed that he even helps newly possessed individuals through the first few days so that they don’t hurt themselves or others, and has been doing so by locking them in the trailer that he recently burned down. He admits to having assisted a dozen or so individuals, and this begs the question of whether or not these people could be better off now than they were before being inhabited.

There are several scenes with Patricia’s teenage son, who lies in an attempt to free Sidney from jail by stating that he saw Anderson carve the pentagram into his own chest. He then sneaks into the home where Sidney is staying and awaits for his return. Upon his arrival, Sidney tells him to go home while he’s still safe, which seems to imply that he’s concerned about his host taking over and hurting the boy. Aside from having a mutual dislike for Anderson, it’s unclear what Aaron’s motivations are at this point or what use he could be to Sidney.

Megan and her husband finally find some reconciliation when he informs her that he’s sold his truck so they can get by, and declares that he won’t allow Donnie to take anymore away from them. Kyle also confides in her about the night he hurt Allison, and it seems as if Megan may finally find some peace.


Though an eventful episode, it was at times exhausting to watch, especially where Anderson is concerned. With our heroes at odds, it’s anyone’s guess where the 2 remaining episodes could take viewers, though it seems some surprises are sure to come.

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