Our pick of the 6 most memorable Rick & Morty episodes from seasons 1 & 2

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Aw geez, Rick! How do you choose just 6 episodes of this incredible sci-fi cartoon? I mean wha-wh-wh-what kind of a list is that? Aw well, I’ll try. Please be aware this article contains spoilers from both seasons of Rick and Morty

Ever since its start, Rick & Morty has been continually surprising its fans with high concept sci-fi mixed with incredible sensical and nonsensical comedy, along with hilarious characters and the relationships between them. In its run of 21 episodes (so far), it has managed to produce some incredibly mind-boggling and hilarious episodes.

In this article we count down our top 6 picks of the best, most memorable and most hilarious episodes of Rick & Morty.



This episode puts Rick under arrest as he is accused of murdering 27 other Ricks in alternate timelines, but our scientist escapes with Morty to find the real murderer, an “Evil Rick” who uses stolen Morties to conceal his presence. Meanwhile, Jerry bonds with the kindest Rick of all timelines.

This episode makes the list because, perhaps for the first time, the show has demonstrated its incredible potential for complex, high-concept sci-fi mixed with humour. While some episodes before had also done that, this episode was the milestone that set much of the feel of the second season. The final scene was just an icing on the cake, as we watched the freed Morties depart. The episode really makes you think about the importance of each Rick having a Morty and each Morty having a Rick.



This entry on our list sees an episode that is 20 minutes long, but somehow manages to create a story that feels much, much longer. As Rick’s car breaks down, him and Morty journey into its battery, which, apparently is a whole new universe, created solely for generating power for the car. The matters are made more complicated when Rick discovers that there is an even smaller universe within that universe. In the meantime, Summer is trying to fend off attackers using the car’s protection system whose methods she less than agrees with.

Another mind-bending episode that can in fact be quite hard to follow if you don’t pay attention. The wacky attempts of our characters to escape the universes are thrilling to watch, but the Summer subplot steals the show in this one as she negotiates with the car as to how exactly it should defend her.



Can an episode get so ridiculous that it becomes hilarious? In Rick & Morty it sure can. An episode with barely any plot sees our characters watch television from infinite timelines, and infinite timelines means infinite possibilities.

An episode that was for the most part completely improvised by the voice actors brings us into the incredible world of infinite television, where anything is possible and nothing is off-limits. We see such gems as Gazorpazorpfield, Two Brothers (in a van), Ball Fondlers and others. It is simply a dive into the imagination of the voice actors, and it’s an absolute delight to watch.



The third place on our list is taken by the season 2 finale. While the episode is full of laughs, it also brings out probably the most intense tragedy of the show so far. A summary of the episode somewhere read “the whole family makes mistakes”. And that is the best way to describe this episode. If there is a “Red Wedding” in Rick & Morty, it’s right here.

It is also the episode most heavy with character development for Rick. It reminds us that behind all the comedy there actually are deep, well-crafted characters than can leave our hearts in pieces in the moment when we least expect it.



The penultimate entry of our countdown is the season 2 premiere in which Rick, Morty and Summer try to unfreeze time after their heavy party, but accidentally split the timeline into multiple realities.

This is an episode that is absolutely HEAVY with complex sci-fi, and shows us the plot from the perspective of multiple timelines, where almost everything is the same, but also not quite. The introduction of the Fourth Dimensional Being that exists outside of time adds even more complexity, and the space outside of the garage that is full of floating Schrödingers cats adds extra tongue-in-cheek humour. The episode truly starts of the second season in the best way, bringing out the best the show has to offer.



Aaaand wubba lubba dub-dub, the number one episode in our list of favourite Rick & Morty episodes goes to this gem of an episode that brings us incredible laughs, until the very end when suddenly we are made to reconsider everything.

Rick and Morty’s family has to deal with an infestation of memory-altering parasites that pose as long-time family friends that have actually never been there. Before long, the entire house is filled with “wacky, zany characters” and suddenly no one can be sure what is real and what is not.

This episode was chosen as our #1 because the entirety of these twenty minutes is absolutely full of hilarity, with characters such as a Nazi, a butler named Mr. Beauregard, Frankenstein (sorry, Frankenstein’s MONSTER) and even Beth’s “husband” Sleepy Gary who is apparently having an affair with Jerry. This episode gives us plenty of laughs as we see our characters destroying the parasites that they only have happy memories with, until Beth shoots Mr. Poopybutthole, thinking that he is one of the imposters. As it turns out, he was a long-time family friend. The ending of this episode is a perfect example of playing with audience’s expectations, and that is why it secures the top spot in our list.

What are your favourite Rick & Morty episodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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