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AMC network have recently released the very first trailer for season 7 of The Walking Dead, featuring brand new footage from the first handful of episodes of the coming season. We last saw Rick Grimes and company on their knees waiting to find out which of them would meet a grisly fate at the hands of Negan. The episode ended on a massive cliffhanger, leaving viewers desperate to know who his victim will be. The new footage offers precious little in the way of clues, and instead the entire first half consists of a montage of each character in the lineup pieced together with past moments from the seires in what looks to be a fan made video done by an 8 year old with the worst video editor available. This is the only footage in the trailer featuring any of the potential victims, which is logical considering the network obviously isn’t going to reveal who survived or in any way make it easy on fans to discern who will die. However, our editorial team recently made our own predictions as to who we think Negan’s victim could be and why.

Below you will find a breakdown and analysis of the newly released footage. Links are embedded within the article that lead to specific times from the trailer in order to show how certain scenes will relate to one another. The focus will be placed on groups of characters and locations, how they relate to the comics, and what they could mean within the series. Be warned, this will include comic spoilers as well as potential spoilers for the upcoming episodes.

There are clips which will take place in the premiere episode, picking up right where last season left off. These troubling images show Negan delivering deadly blows to his victim. In the first of these scenes you can see characters behind him, and many fans are assuming that they’re part of the lineup. However it’s unlikely that the network would release any footage that could give away which character dies, making it more probable that they’re members of his own group standing in the background.


A walker is tossed from an overpass.

In several scenes Dwight is shown at the The Sanctuary, the community occupied by The Saviors and run by Negan. This will be a bottle episode, featuring only feature characters from this community. The first footage shows men removing a bucket from the head of a chained up walker. This relates to the comics, as The Sanctuary uses them to aid in guarding the property. The men handling the walker have letters painted on their backs, which may relate to the fact that The Sanctuary uses a points system in place of a monetary one, and every member must earn their place. There is a scene of Dwight is pointing a gun into a man’s face, stating “Everything’s his, or will be.” Since this is what The Saviors say to new groups who are not under their control yet, this is probably a new recruit. This scene relates to later scenes involving a car chase. The Saviors survive by intimidating other groups into giving them half of all their supplies, and in return they keep the area clear of walker. Another possibility is that this is someone who has deflected from the group and is attempting an escape.

There are also clips of Dwight outside of The Sanctuary, including one where he crashes his motorcycle and one in which he’s stopped in the road looking up toward the sky. This is Dwight looking up at an overpass, which a walker is shown falling from. This is adapted from a storyline in the comics in which Jesus is trailing him and watching from above, when a walker gets too close and he saves himself by tossing it over. This may relate to Dwight crashing his motorcycle. Many fans assume that he’s riding the bike he took from Daryl, however this is definitely not the same one. However, he does appear to be wearing Daryl’s vest, which means that Daryl is probably being held captive by The Saviors, or worse.

Dwight is show talking to his partner whom viewers met last season. We see her saying “Whatever he’s done to you, there’s always more”. In the comics they were married until Negan took her as one of his wives, and the pair were caught sneaking around behind his back. It’s rare that any of The Savior’s risk their leaders rath. Their loyalty is shown when Negan’s followers drop to their knees as he passes, which is also adapted from the comics.


Negan’s followers show their loyalty.

Morgan and Carol are shown on the road with the group that helped to rescue them last season. Comic fans will recognize this group as members of The Kingdom, a community lead by the eccentric King Ezekiel. They are recognizable not only by their horses, but by their telltale body armor. Morgan is heard saying “I won’t let you die out there.” He’s talking to Carol, who was more than ready to give up last season. In the source material, The Kingdom is located at a former school surrounded by a wall of busses and sheets of metal. The series is expanding upon this, making the location large enough to include several buildings and a park. Carol is seen waking up on a park bench and being pushed in a wheelchair by Morgan past a gazebo, farm animals, and several gardens.

Morgan and Carol will remain at The Kingdom at least long enough for her to heal, and there are several scenes of them within the community. Morgan is shown sitting on an old hospital bed in an infirmary, and later Carol is seated in an auditorium being introduced to the eccentric King Ezekiel and his pet tigersaying “I don’t know what the hell’s going on in the most wonderful way.”

There are additional scenes relating to The Kingdom, a number of which show the group escorting Carol and Morgan back to their community. Others involve Ezekiel and his followers leaving on a supply run. A young man is shown trapped in a car with a walker at the window, and if you look closely you can see Ezekiel and another man carrying a ladder in the background.. Immediately following, the man from the car is shown pointing a gun, though it’s difficult to discern which order these things happen in. The Kingdom episode will be episode 3 and another bottle episode.


Morgan pushes Carol in a wheelchair through The Kingdom community.

Episode 4 will involve Negan and The Saviors visiting Alexandria for the first time, and this will be the first episode in which we see the other members of Rick’s group. Negan is shown silhouetted against the gate, rapping against it with Lucille.  Negan is also shown drinking lemonade with Olivia, which is another comic moment and will be a fan-favorite scene. Viewers will witness The Saviors intimidating the community and taking their half of Alexandria’s supplies for the first time.

Spencer is shown saying “We should have made a deal with them when we could have.” Though it’s unclear who he’s talking to specifically, this is another storyline from the comics in which he challenges Rick’s leadership. Depending on how closely they follow this arc, we may find out just what Spencer is made of.

Enid is seen walking outside of Alexandria, though it is unclear where. We see her turn and look surprised. She may be witnessing the arrival of Negan’s group, or the return of her own people. It’s possible she was heading out to look for them. When we last saw Enid, she was being locked in a closet by Carl for her own protection. She’s not a character from the comics , so it will be interesting to see how her story develops.


Negan knocking on the gates of Alexandria with Lucille.

The Hilltop will be the focus of episode 5, and The Saviors are shown retaliating against the community. A large group Negan’s men arrive looking like they mean business. Negan had placed a kill order on their leader Gregory, because they hadn’t been giving The Saviours as much of their supplies as is required. The Hilltop also made a deal with Rick’s group in exchange for them removing the threat of The Saviors. This obviously didn’t go as planned, and Negan is getting revenge and intimidating them into submission.

Gregory is shown looking out a window into the night, witnessing the attack on his community. Since this is the only scene we’re shown of him, it’s not clear whether or not Negan’s group still intends to kill him or not.

Hoards of walkers are shown piling into the open gates of The Hilltop, in addition to fires burning and what appear to be some of Gregory’s men hanging from their fence. Jesus is also shown single handedly taking out walkers, and is later seen jumping into the back of a moving truck that belongs to The Saviors. This will probably be his way of doing recon to find out where their compound is, as in the comics none of the other communities know of it’s exact location.


Jesus is seen jumping into the back of one of The Savior’s vehicles.

The final scenes of the trailer focus on Tara and Heath in a flashback and another bottle episode. They were last seen leaving together on a two week supply run, so the events shown are taking place before their groups encounter with Negan. We see a series of clips where the duo encounters a group of unfriendlies in a forest. Tara is shown hiding in a ditch looking terrified while an unknown person runs through the background.

There is footage of someone firing a weapon in the woods, and if you look very closely it appears as if there are camouflaged tents or buildings hidden among the trees. Some of these scenes appear to be at a military outpost, and Tara and Heath are shown maneuvering through a large group of vehicles to avoid walkers. In the same scene there is a woman on top of a car seemingly shooting at them, although it’s also possible that she’s firing at the walkers. The final clip is of Tara pointing her weapon downward. We then see her shake her head and gun-butt the individual it was aimed at.

It’s worth noting that this footage is not recognizable from the source material, and appears to be a new arc. Many fans are speculating that the new group Tara and Heath encounter could be The Whisperers from the comics, though this group should come much later in the series. As Tara didn’t have much screen time last season, it will be interesting to see how her story plays out and what dynamic her and Heath have.


Tara fends off an unknown assailant.

While there were too many individual clips to comment on, this analysis will hopefully give viewers some insight into what’s to come for season 7. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 23rd on AMC and internationally of Fox the following day.

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