No Salvation for Thee! – The Resurrected finally comes to blu-ray

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When the name Dan O’ Bannon is mentioned, most people immediately remember him as the co-writer of Ridley Scott’s Alien and the director of the 80s punk zombie classic Return of the Living Dead. But most people forget about the second and last film he ever directed; The Resurrected. The movie was released to dismal fanfare in 1991 and has languished in obscurity due to a disappointing theatrical release and poor home video distribution.

True, the movie is really damn far from being great, but it remains one of the better H.P Lovecraft adaptations and a great showcase for gruesome old-school practical special effects. The plot of the film involves a detective searching for a surgeon named Charles Dexter Ward who disappeared amid a spree of grave-robbings. Ward is eventually tracked to a farmhouse built over an ancient labyrinth in which his ancestor, a necromancer, conducted experiments to resurrect the dead and make contact with otherworldly beings. Needless to say, all sorts of scary and revolting shit happens when the protagonists descend into a dark subterranean maze brimming with undead hybrid monsters.

As I said, the movie ain’t great, but when it works, it nails the classic Lovecraft atmosphere to the wall. Finally, the movie will get a proper Blu-ray release thanks to Shout! Factory on September 12th.

The Blu-ray special features include:

• 2K transfer from the film’s vaulted interpositive film element

• Claire’s Conundrum – an interview with actress Jane Sibbett

• The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward – an interview with S.T. Joshi, author of I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H.P. Lovecraft

• Audio Commentary with producers Mark Borde and Kenneth Raich, screenwriter Brent V. Friedman, actor Richard Romanus and make-up effects artist Todd Masters

• The Resurrected Man – an interview with Chris Sarandon

• Abominations & Adaptations – an interview with screenwriter Brent Friedman

• Grotesque Melodies – an interview with composer Richard Band

• Lovecraftian Landscapes – an interview with production designer Brent Thomas

• Human Experiments – an interview with special effects artist Todd Masters

• Deleted and Extended Scenes from the workprint

• Home Video Trailer & Japanese Trailer

• Photo Gallery

Image Credit: Shout! Factory


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