New photos of set and props emerge for Star Wars Episode 8

By ·March 14, 2016 10:14 am

As is inevitable in the film industry, quite a few images of the set work for Star Wars Episode 8 have made their way online. The bulk of the new Star Wars film will be shot in the UK but the pictures we have seen all come from the location work in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The production has been shooting in Croatia over the last few days.

Luckily some good guy steve has assembled all of the recent set pictures in a slideshow video. The slideshow doesn’t give any hints towards the plot of the film but it does give an insight into how they are transforming Dubrovnik into a Star Wars location.

It turns out the set team at Star Wars are major fans of button consoles on brick walls. You can also see a lot of exotic lighting and access panels being used throughout the city to uplift Dubrovnik into the Star Wars universe. If I was a resident of Dubrovnik I’d be stoked but then again I am nerd.

Have a look for yourself, what do you think of Star Wars transformation of Dubrovnik, Croatia? Are you excited for the films release in Dec 2017?

H/T Den of Geek

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