Netflix’s Sense8 releases first trailer for season 2

By ·April 10, 2017 5:47 pm

The popular Netflix series Sense8 has been on the radars ever since its spectacular Christmas special, and now we can finally get a first look at its second season. The new season is to tell a continuation of the story about eight telepathically connected individuals, battling the enigmatic Whispers (Terence Mann) and the Biologic Preservation Organisation, which, after the cliffhanger of the Christmas special is bound to be pretty damn epic.

Combining mystery and the overlapping show’s thematic of love triumphing over anything, the trailer leaves us hungry for more and we can’t wait for the series to hit our device screens.

Check out the trailer for yourself below:

The second series of Sense8 is set to be released on Netflix on the 5th of May.

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Image credit: Netflix


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