Netflix releases new Star Trek: Discovery trailer declaring production has begun.

By ·February 1, 2017 10:47 am

Netflix has graced us with a brand new teaser for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery. The trailer opens up on a cinematic shot of Gene Roddenberry typing out the words “Star Trek is…” on a typewriter on March 11th, 1964.

We’re then shown historic photos of previous Star Trek episodes, seasons and behind the scenes snippets as we see the literal idea of what “Star Trek is…” was to Gene Roddenberry. However the teaser quickly states the Star Trek: Discovery will once again define what “Star Trek is…”

Watch the new teaser below for yourself to see how production has already begun on Star Trek: Discovery and how it will redefine the next chapter of the Star Trek story:

The trailer takes us on a stroll through production, mixing in shots of the construction and design of the new Star Trek chapter. We also get to see new designs of the Enterprise and Klingon Bird-of-Prey ships, and perhaps more tantalising we finally get a look at those brand new Star Trek uniform designs.

As you’ll see in the trailer the new uniforms are of a royal blue design with gold trim, reminiscent of the Star Trek: Enterprise era of uniform but less pragmatic in design. The badge design is standard for Star Trek, however I can’t get away from how the symbol on the badge looks very similar to that of the Hearthstone symbol.

The trailer wraps up with a look at a few more of the sets before we closing on some final glimpses of the brand new Captain’s chair.

Star Trek: Discovery will be airing on CBS All Access in the USA and Canada and pretty much everywhere else on Netflix just a day after airing on CBS All Access.

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