Netflix release the first teaser trailer for Marvel’s The Punisher

By ·August 18, 2017 6:57 pm

Netflix have released the first teaser trailer for Season 1 of Marvel’s The Punisher. The teaser debuted at the end of Marvel’s The Defenders, which is available in its entirety on Netflix from today.

It features a voiceover by Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), during which he states that the past is “the Devil you sold your soul to” and how “he’s coming… he’s coming to collect” (“he” meaning the past).

The visuals as rage-filled as you might expect. Frank pounds away at the ground with a sledgehammer. Intercut amongst this are shots of Frank with his family and also various other scenes from the upcoming season, all of which flash by in quick succession.

As the trailer ends, the camera pans out to reveal that Frank as been signing his insignia into the concrete floor. The entire teaser is one very clear nod to how brutal and violent this season will probably be. Frank remains one of the best parts of the Marvel Netflix shows, so I can’t wait.

Did this trailer get you pumped for the new season? Was it enough to satisfy you for now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

No release date has been granted for The Punisher Season 1 as of yet. Don’t expect it to hit until at least 2018.

Image credits: Marvel, Netflix

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