NECA announces an impressive quarter scale action figure of Deadpool, complete with an arsenal of weapons

By ·June 7, 2016 1:16 pm

Just in time for the home release (at least in UK) of the Deadpool movie, NECA have announced that the latest edition to their absoloutely massive, 1/4 scale action figure line, is none other than Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth.

Predator, Catwoman (Michelle Pfieffer) and Freddy Kreuger are among other characters from pop culture to have been immortalized in NECA’s quarter scale action figure range. Truly, it was only a matter of time before NECA turned their sights onto everyone’s favourite mercenary.

As a quarter scale figure, Deadpool will stand at an impressive 18 inches and features over 30 points of articulation, which means if I ever had the kahunas to play with such an impressive collectors piece, it would be all of the fun. This is especially true for diorama makers and those who enjoy taking photos of action figures, the level of articulation this piece comes with will allow for all manner of poses and action shot. You could very easily create all of your favourite scenes from the Deadpool movie with this highly poseable action figure.

This is an extremely detailed action figure; it features the appropriate use of matt and gloss finished to make Deadpool’s outfit pop, extensive webbing for his arsenal of weapons and hell, it even features the iconic Deadpool insignia on the hilts of his dual katanas. You really couldn’t ask for more from an action figure at this scale.

Now Deadpool wouldn’t be Deadpool without an effective arsenal of weapons and NECA hasn’t let us down in this instance. The quarter scale action figure comes with Deadpool’s signature dual Katanas, Sai, machine gun, assualt rifle, pistol and even a classic bowie knife. All of the weapons come with working sheaths and holsters, which besides being awesome is a great way to ensure you don’t lose any of the little accessories.

NECA’s quarter scale Deadpool action figure is due for a Novemeber 2016 release



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