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The sense of dread we felt last week catches up to this week’s installment of the second season of Mr. Robot as well, and explodes in a bombastic way, leaving us all frustrated, angry and yet excited. The penultimate episode of this season sees itself out with one of the most intense scenes this series has seen so far, and next week cannot come soon enough. Below is our detailed and spoiler-heavy review.

The second season has seen its slow points and its fast points, but it does appear that it was slower at first, and then built up and picked up more and more peace with each week, like a machine that is about to start, or a computer program. This episode mirrors such development as well, taking it slow at first and ending in a blast. Our characters have not been put in such jeopardy before. Elliot, Angela, Darlene, Cisco, all are faced with life-changing choices. The entire episode builds up in a geometric progression, and the narrative, the cinematography and even the music highlight that, eventually resulting in a climactic set piece that leaves us all on the edge of our seats, and, quite possibly, squinting at our screens and rewinding the last moments of the episode. It is undoubtedly one of, if not THE most riveting episode of the season.

To be fair, there is not that much that happens this week in terms of plot development, but that does not seem to matter. The plot of the second season has already developed up to a point where the finale is inevitable, and, we can hope it will tie all the loose ends still left untied and answer some of the more well-hidden questions. What this episode does, however, is prepare us for the finale, offering a plethora of interesting and intense scenes and brings the many plotlines to the same place – the grand arena where the final episode of the season will definitely happen.

Angela and Elliot share an emotional moment.

Angela and Elliot share an emotional moment.

Elliot continues to struggle with with the loss of control over Mr. Robot that we saw last week – up to the point where he cannot see him anymore, which scares him. Considering how much he struggled to get rid of him at first, it is an interesting shift in his relationship with his alter ego, showing just how damaged Elliot is and how unpredictable his mind can be. Mr. Robot knows answers, and when he’s not there, Elliot is confused. What makes it even more interesting is that Mr. Robot disappears when what is supposedly Tyrell starts calling Elliot. It raises all the more questions which we can only hope the finale will answer.

Another scene that stands out in this dramatic episode is Elliot’s conversation with Angela on the subway. After Angela decides to confess, she tells Elliot that beating the E Corp is impossible and only losing is on the horizon. It is still unclear whether Angela is being sincere in that scene, but you have to believe that. In this scene we are made to reminisce the history that these two people share together, the childhood friendship that is grounded in common tragedy and the desperate attempts they had trying to fix it.

Darlene and Cisco, meanwhile, bring a bloody Vincent to the hospital, but the media releases a picture of Cisco, and things get serious. As they sit in a diner mulling over their options, and just as DiPierro finds them, a masked bike rider pulls over and shoots up the place. We are once again left in the unknown, and this time the unknown is scary. Darlene might be dead. Cisco might be dead. Or they might not be. The final sequence will probably make you rewind back just to try to see if anyone’s hit. Unfortunately for all of us, it is very unclear.

One thing that might sometimes get rather annoying on this show is how Esmail loves to pull his viewer’s strings with endless cliffhangers that often turn out not to be that important the following week – it happened last time with Cisco discovering something on the couch, and with Darlene getting a knock at the door. And now we are made to wait another week to find out what happened at the diner. It is effective in a way that makes you tune in week after week, but it can get rather annoying and transparent in its attempts to hang us from the cliff.

Despite all that, this week’s episode is still one of the finest hours of the show so far, and it sets up a finale that will surely be explosive and, quite possibly, leave us waiting for a third season with eager and frustrated hearts. One more to go.

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