More questions than answers – Death Stranding comes closer in new trailer

By ·December 8, 2017 9:57 pm

Well, the third trailer for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding finally dropped late yesterday. And if the first two were trippy and confusing enough, then this one completely rips the world out from under you. It was shown at The Game Awards in Los Angeles yesterday to a standing ovation, despite making not a lick of sense. But that shows that people don’t need everything to be spelled out to them in order to appreciate it. It immediately and effortlessly hooks you and compels you to want to unravel its mystery.

In the trailer we are introduced more properly to Norman Reedus’ character, now identified as Sam Porter. Dressed and equipped with futuristic garb and technology, he and his team are beset by invisible entities that eventually manifest as oily ghosts that threaten to drag them off to a fate worse than death. This is gruesomely shown by one of the characters opting to stab himself to death rather than be ‘taken’. Just what the hell kind of world do these characters inhabit?

As stated in my previous piece about the game, umbilical cords play a major part in the game’s aesthetic. It’s as if they are literally the threads that make up the fabric of the game’s universe.

Watch the new trailer below:

I was pessimistic about the game’s release date, but now it seems that Death Stranding might actually be released before 2019.

Image Credits: Kojima Productions

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