Moon Knight returns this April in a brand new ongoing series

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Moon Knight is returning to the Marvel Universe this April with a brand new comic series run. The series comes forth from the genius minds of Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men) and Greg Smallwood (Moon Knight) and focuses around Mark Spector as the masked vigilante Moon Knight.

Honestly I feel this ongoing series is going to be an epic run, here is the official description:

For years, Marc Spector has defended New York City as the masked vigilante Moon Knight. Calling upon the powers of the ancient Egyptian God Khonshu, he has kept the city safe from street gangs and supernatural forces alike. Or has he? Waking up in an insane asylum will shake anyone’s confidence. But it can’t be true, can it? His mind is full of identities and he no longer knows which is real. His thoughts are clouded and he has no idea what to believe. If he calls to Khonshu, he believes he will receive an answer. But is this a sign he still clings to his sanity, or has it slipped from him completely?

Something is wrong with Marc Spector. Will Moon Knight be his salvation? Or will it ultimately be his undoing? Find out as Lemire and Smallwood take you on a head trip through the psyche of a super hero this April in MOON KNIGHT #1!


Mind. Blown.


Variant Cover for Moon Knight #1 by rudy_variant

The first appearance of Moon Knight was actually as an enemy of the main character in #32 of Werewolf by night in 1975. Like most superheroes of that era, Moon Knight was written to be able to jump seamlessly between criminal organisations, the posh and decadent elite as well as the streets in order to get whatever info he needed. In order to do so, the writers created the starting point of THREE alter-egos for this variant on DC’s, “Caped Crusader” – only problem was that after a while it seemed that these alter-egos: the tortured and unhinged Marc Spector; Steven Grant – billionaire cover identity, and finally, the one-time cabbie Jake Lockley, seemed to take on a life of their own.

We all accept and even welcome the additions of alter-egos for our heroes, sometimes even for our villains in order to protect them while they do what they need to do, but the psychological breaks that began arising in Moon Knight’s case, was that these additional personalities had the tendency to wrest control from the supposed ‘dominant’ personality and wreak havoc on the hero’s personal life.


To put things as simply as possible: While reading the comics, it’s almost like a in-built game for the reader, trying to guess which personality will wrest control and which version of Moon Knight will be dominant for that issue or even just the next couple of pages.

Now that you have a better idea what is happening in this beautifully twisted characters mind – lets add another layer of Marvels perfected mental additions:

So we’ve established that Mark Spector, is one of THREE personality alters for Moon Knight, yes? Still with me? Great. Now lets head down another layer into the psyche. Marc Spector also has to deal with ‘greater powers’, most notably that of the long dead Egyptian deity, (the one who gives him his abilities).

And you know, if this poor man wasn’t messed up enough – how is this for messed up?

In the Ultimate universe, Brian Michael Bendis played around with Spector’s dissociative personality disorder, again giving the vigilante three identities – this time in the forms of two men and one tough-talking little girl.


In the Void of the characters mind, we see the total four main personalities discussing their host body and starting to understand that they are all one in the same person – Ultimate Spider-Man #108

I don’t know about you all but I cannot WAIT to sink my teeth into this rework. I think its just the type of character we need to reset all the “Heroes” we have at the moment – just like “Deadpool” finally getting his moment.

Say it with me people:

Release date: April 2016.

April. April. April.

Image Credits: Marvel Comics

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