Meet Walter, the latest synthetic from Weyland-Yutani, in the latest Alien: Covenant trailer

By ·March 10, 2017 2:27 pm

After several days of teasing on social media, we’re finally getting to meet Walter the synthetic in the latest Alien: Covenant trailer.

This new trailer which has been released in conjunction with AMD provides an insight in the development and construction of the latest line of synthetics from Weyland-Yutani.

In what resembles a medical lab with semblances of an electronics clean room we observe the birth of Walter, which you can watch for yourself below in the new trailer.

After Walter has been brought to life following the implantation of his new AMD CPU (only slight product placement), we’re shown that Walter has been “created to serve” before being urged to reserve our very own synthetic at

Upon visiting the site we’re given a brief interactive experience in which you can find out more about the new synthetic’s features and functions.

You are able to reserve your own fictional Walter at the website, which certainly feels like the rabbit hole for an Alternate Reality Game. However it does require that you connect via Facebook to reserve your Walter and doesn’t offer any alternative to using Facebook, which is utterly garbage in my opinion.

Nevertheless I love these types of experiences for films and can’t see what we get to do when our reserved Walters enter production.

Alien: Covenant hits releases May 12th in the UK and May 19th in the US.

Image Credits: 20th Century Fox

Written by Michael James Ilett


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