Luke Skywalker is still our hero in The Last Jedi

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The new trailer for Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi dropped early this week, and the chilling questions it raised among fans have echoed throughout the Force like the destruction of Alderaan.

The Last Jedi will be the central act of this tale from a galaxy far, far away. In it we can expect plenty of action, plot twists, and a cliffhanger or two in the tradition of The Empire Strikes Back. Even the director has alluded to its similarities as it acts as the climactic center of this story arc.

The Nerd Recites is here to Force-choke some answers out of this trailer so if you haven’t seen it you can watch it here. Then succumb to the dark side with these possible spoilers.

You’ll find I’m full of surprises

Luke is shocked and wary of Rey’s power with the force.

Luke speaks of Rey’s raw power and his fear of her abilities. This combined with Rey’s continued search for a mentor leads us to believe that Skywalker will not be able to complete Rey’s training, making Luke the last of the Jedi. Snoke on the other hand is excited by such untamed strength.

We are given a glimpse of several images that piece together this plot. The Force Tree on Ahch-To is a Jedi Temple. Inside the temple are a few old and weathered texts about the force and the Jedi order. These will likely reveal why Luke has decided the Jedi, as we know it, must end.

The prophecy of the chosen one that will bring balance to the force could also be included here, and that balance from Luke’s point of view may be that the light side of the Force should be tempered to find a middle path, making the dark side less seductive.

The power of the dark side

These few but precious volumes make up the library on Ahch-To.

The stage is set for some great confrontations to take place. Finn is in a tense showdown with Captain Phasma. Poe is Rushing to battle with BB-8 while the First Order fleet and the Rebels face of in space and the planet surface of Crait. Chewbacca and his Porg friend scream war cries while AT-M6 walkers march upon a rebel base, and General Leia solemnly faces her son’s darkest intent.

Rey’s growing ability to sense these events could be her undoing, just as Luke was drawn away from Degobah by Darth Vader’s trap. Yoda and Obi Wan warned both Luke and Anakin that the final stages of training is the most dangerous time for a Jedi to be seduced by the dark side of the Force.

Knowing this, Snoke will use Kylo Ren and The First Order to attack her friends and draw out Rey. He will attempt to turn her as he did to Ben Solo. By now, Luke can sense a trap like this and isn’t typically one to sit it out, despite his many years of solitude. He may even go with Rey, take steps to set his own trap for Snoke, or sacrifice himself as Obi-Wan did.

Most impressive

Rey may learn what drew her to this legendary lightsaber.

Almost certainly an emotional bomb will be dropped on one or more of the main characters. The Force Awakens left fans with many questions and The Last Jedi will have to fill at least a few of them in.

We could find out who dumped Rey on Jakku, why she is so strong with the force, and what her destiny will be.

Why save Rey? Perhaps Han and Leia sent both of their children to be trained by Luke.

That’s impossible!

R2 and a Luke are stunned by the destruction of this Jedi Temple.

The loss of a child that they could not bury or bear to talk about would definitely explain why Han and Leia parted, at least more so than their son turning to the dark side. It would also explain Rey’s instant connection with Han, and her being drawn toward the Skywalker family lightsaber.

Kylo Ren might reveal this information to Rey; reaching his hand out to her once again to join him on the dark side, or perhaps so that her forgiveness could pull him back toward the light. Killing his father has certainly tormented Kylo Ren from what we can see in the trailer and he could be looking for a way to break Snoke’s control.

Even if they are not blood related, these two characters have a combined fate and in this chapter we should find out what that fate will look like in the final episode. But the title of this episode and everything we know makes it plain that this installment of Star Wars is about the final journey of one specific figure.

Whether Luke is indeed The Last Jedi is difficult to see; always in motion is the future. But search your feelings, you know it to be true.

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