LEGO: The Disney Minifigure series is now available for all to enjoy!

By ·May 1, 2016 7:15 pm

LEGO’s latest minifigure series, which is inspired by the Disney universe, has been officially released. The Disney Minifigures range, which contains 18 unique figures, was previously on early sale at LEGOLAND parks but is now available to purchase from retailers as of today!

Each minifigure comes sealed in a blind bag with leaflet and display plate and as usual are compatabile with all other LEGO playsets. The new series features the following iconic characters from Disney and Pixar films:

  • Syndrome from The Incredibles
  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid
  • Aladdin from Aladdin
  • Hook from Peter Pan
  • Donald Duck
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Daisy Duck
  • Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty
  • Stitch from Lilo & Stitch
  • Ursula from The Little Mermaid
  • Alice from Alice in Wonderland
  • The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland
  • Peter Pan from Peter Pan
  • Dash from The Incredibles
  • Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story
  • An Alien from Toy Story
  • Genie from Aladdin

Down below we have some detailed high quality photos of all of the minifigures from the new series, however if you would like to see some creative and playful action shots of the newly released figures we urge you to check out Marshall Julius’ twitter account. Over the last few days he has been taking some quite spectacular shots of the new figures in various settings, there’s Donald and Daisy at lunch, Alice and the Cheshire Cat enjoying some sunshine and many other candid shots of the new Disney Minifigure series.










Image Credits: Disney / LEGO

Written by Michael James Ilett


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