LEGO Ideas Spotlight: The Addams Family Mansion

By ·April 19, 2016 2:25 pm

One of the latest (and greatest) entries to the LEGO Ideas programme is the magnificent Addams Family Mansion. The proposed set was submitted to the site on April 17th, it also stands at 22″ tall and consists of over a whopping 7,200 pieces. It lovingly recreates the classic Addams Family Mansion from the original 1960’s television sitcom and here at The Nerd Recites we absoloutely want it.

The modular mansion was created by user AFOL777 as an “end of series” 50th anniversary tribute to one of his most beloved shows. The Addams Family Mansion consists of three fully detailed floors and the whole building can be split through the center on a pivot hinge, each of the floor segments are removeable allowing for easy access and imaginative play. If you’ve ever built the LEGO Simpsons house the modularity of the Addams Family Mansion has a similar vibe. The whole mansion sits on two 15″ x 10″ base plates, really owing to it’s grandeur as a large collector’s item.


Front view of the mansion including the grand portico and Addams Family car.


Left side view of the Addams Family Mansion. You can even see Morticia at her balcony.


Rear view of the mansion detailing including garden, single grave (bottom-left) and greenhouse.

The mansion features full tile carpeting throughout, a glass greenhouse at the rear, a whole host of furnishings such as suits of armour, taxidermy and a bed of nails. You can also find the family automobile out front and all of the Addams Family members as minifgures including Lurch and the Thing.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article the Addams Family Mansion is a proposed set on the LEGO Ideas website and the first hurdle to seeing this set become a LEGO reality is for it garner the support of 10,000 LEGO fans. If the idea of seeing the LEGO Addams Family Mansion become reality makes you even the slightest bit excited we implore you to visit the project on the Ideas website and add your support. It take no time at all to sign up for an account to lend your support to this set, head over now and help make this a reality for everyone.


Pugsley with rootop cannon and catapult.


Interior shot of the grand staircase featuring Kitty Kat the lion and a stuffed polar bear.

Previous projects to come from the LEGO Ideas site include the Ghostbusters Ectomobile, the Back to the Future Delorean, the Big Bang Theory Set, numerous scientific sets and even a LEGO model of Pixar’s Wall-e.

We contacted the creator of this set, AFOL777, to find out more about the process he took in protoyping and constructing the Addams Family Mansion ahead of his submission to LEGO Ideas. He started the planning and sourcing of components for this project way back in November 2015, although he spent a good amount of time last year perfecting how to build modular building in LEGO and additonally learning to how add lighting to his builds for added effect.

For reference AFOL777 purchased the Addams Family TV show on DVD and began taking screenshots and studying both the exterior and interior shots of the mansion to ensure none of the details that make the Addams Family mansion what is, where missed.

“[I] started prototyping the greenhouse, portico and the 45 degree corner [of the mansion]. Once I had solid designs, I could layout the whole footprint, and determine baseplate needs, then went in full steam in January and finished April 8, 2016, the 50th anniversary of the last TV show airing,” states AFOL777. With over 7,200 pieces needed for the build he also told us how sourcing was one of the, if not the toughest parts of this project. Most of his purchases were made through the BrickOwl marketplace for the more exotic parts while bulk orders came in through LEGO. The downside ( or upside ) of having to order in bulk is that he now has in excess of 5,000 spare parts and bricks!

AFOL777 was also kind enough to show us the futher customizations he has done to Addams Family Mansion after submitting the project. He added a lighting rig to the mansion to add some atmosphere to the project, allowing for spooky night-time shots of the build. Lights were added to all of the internal light fixtures as well as the lamp posts surrounding the mansion, as you can see in the pictures below it really adds to the depth of the project and definitely harkens back to the exterior views of the mansion seen in the original black and white sitcom. We do clearly have to state that AFOL777 added the lighting rig post-submission for his own personal preferences. It is not included in the submitted set as it would violate the LEGO Ideas submission criteria.

Front on view of the LEGO Addams Family Mansion with interior and exterior lighting.

Front on view of the LEGO Addams Family Mansion with interior and exterior lighting.

Night time shot of the left side of LEGO Addams Family Mansion with lighting effects

Night time shot of the LEGO Addams Family Mansion with interior lighting

It’s hard not to fall in love with a set of this scale, it’s such a great build and based on one of the most iconic families in film and TV. We once again implore you to lend your support to AFOL777 in making the LEGO Addams Family Mansion a reality, not just for us, but for eveybody who has ever enjoyed sitting down and building large scale LEGO sets such as this! You can view the project here on LEGO Ideas – where you will fins more photos and not only can you add your support to the project but you can also field questions to the creator via the comments section.

Image Credits: AFOL777

Written by Michael James Ilett


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  1. I love it! There are not many GREAT and BIG Lego sets around which have > 3.000 pieces, like e.g. the Lego DEATH STAR. It would be really great if Lego decides producing it!

    1. Cheers Hugh, let’s hope your build makes it’s into production. At the very least we can get you those 10,000 supporters!