LEGO Dimensions – Play as Slimer, Bane and Ninjago’s Lloyd in the Wave 5 expansion packs

By ·May 10, 2016 2:16 pm

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced the Friday 13th May UK release of their Wave 5 expansion fun packs for LEGO Dimensions. The new fun packs feature three fan favourites; Bane from DC Comics, Slimer from Ghostbusters and Lloyd from LEGO Ninjago.

Purchase of these Wave 5 Fun Packs will allow players to further customise their in-game adventures through new buildable characters, new gadgets with special in-game abilities alongside incredible and rebuildable 3-in-1 vehicles.

All expansion packs are interoperable meaning you could use Slimer in The Simpsons Adventure World or perhaps take Bane to the Dr. Who Adventure world, all of this interchangeably really opens up the amount of gameplay you have in the LEGO Dimensions game.

Additionally any new expansion pack character can open up it’s corresponding brand’s Adventure World so Lloyd would allow access to the LEGO Ninjago Adventure World and Slimer would open up access to the Ghostbusters Adventure World allowing for even more open-world gameplay content.

As a side note for minifigure collectors, purchasing the new Ghostbusters Slimer Fun Pack is without a doubt the cheapest way to acquire the slimer minifigure. You’re only other option is to purchase the LEGO Ghostbusters HQ set and while it is a beautiful set, it’s also rightly expensive.

You can find official descriptions for each of the fun packs plus in-game images of each of the characters below:


DC Comics: Bane Fun Pack


DC Comics fans can broaden their LEGO Dimensions gameplay with the buildable Bane Fun Pack. Players can place the buildable villain on the LEGO Toy Pad to bring him to life in the game, and then activate his Hazard Protection, Big Transform, or Super Stealth abilities to solve puzzles and overpower enemies. His 3-in-1 Drill Driver will boost gameplay, and can be rebuilt into the Bane Dig ‘n Drill and the Bane Drill ‘n Blast for upgraded in-game abilities.


Ghostbusters: Slimer Fun Pack


Players who want to slime their enemies can construct Slimer, the glutinous ghost, included in the Ghostbusters Slimer Fun Pack. They can fire his Hot Dog and activate his Boomerang, Sonar Smash, Flying, Dive, Hazard Clean, Illumination, Mini Access and Hazard Protection abilities to solve puzzles and battle enemies. When he needs backup, players can call in the Slime Shooter and rebuild it into a Slime Exploder and Slime Streamer for upgraded powers in the game.


LEGO Ninjago: Lloyd Fun Pack


Players can put their ninja skills to the test with the LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Fun Pack, featuring a buildable Lloyd minifigure, two Golden Katanas and rebuildable 3-in-1 Golden Dragon. Players can use Lloyd’s two Golden Katanas and activate his special Spinjitzu, Illumination, Acrobat, Laser Deflector and Stealth abilities to solve puzzles and take on enemies in true Ninja style! When it’s time to take the battle to the sky, launch Lloyd’s Golden Dragon and rebuild it into a Sword Projector Dragon and Mega Flight Dragon for enhanced powers.


These latest fun packs signal the end of the initial expansion waves for LEGO Dimensions, however there are many more new and exciting expansion packs based on some of the world’s biggest entertainment franchises due to be revealed soon.

LEGO Dimensions is available for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo´s Wii U™ system.

Image Credits: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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