Kingdoms will burn this August as World of Warcraft: Legion gets it’s release date

By ·April 18, 2016 11:42 pm

The long awaited sixth expansion for World of Warcraft, Legion, is set for release August 30th across all regions.

Legion arrives roughly two months after the release of Duncan Jones’ Warcraft: The Beginning movie and while the film takes place before the events of the World of Warcraft games, it is sure to create some buzz around the entire franchise.

This will be a bountiful move for Blizzard if they can capitlize on the success of the upcoming film to see thier subscriber numbers increase following the downward trend Warlords of Draenor caused (the previous expansion). What better way to get a new player hooked than to give them a massive expansion just two months after they get into the game!

You can view the cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft: Legion below and details of the new expansion follow.

World of Warcraft: Legion will plunge the Alliance, the Horde and Azeroth as a whole, into the depths of Hellfire once again as the Burning Legion returns. An official synopsis from the press release follows:

In this expansion chronicling the events following Warlords of Draenor, all hellfire breaks loose when the warlock Gul’dan, betrayer of the orcs and twisted servant of the Burning Legion, unleashes a demonic invasion force upon Azeroth unlike any the Horde and the Alliance have ever faced. To save their world from annihilation, heroes must unlock the mysteries of the mythic Broken Isles, master powerful Artifact weapons, and strike a forbidden pact with the Demon Hunters of the Illidari — vengeful disciples of the dreaded Illidan Stormrage.

World of Warcraft: Legion brings with it a whole swathe of new features and content for players, new and old, to explore and enjoy:

  • New Hero Class: Demon Hunter—Unleash the demon within as an all-new melee hero class gifted with preternatural mobility—and the ability to metamorphose into hellish new forms.
  • New Feature: Artifact Weapons—Smite the Legion with class-specific weapons of lore. Unlock abilities and traits, and customize your weapon to suit your needs.
  • New Continent: The Broken Isles—Discover the fate of a lost night elf civilization, confront twisted fragments of the Emerald Nightmare, and hunt agents of the Legion in all-new zones. Forge your own path through the Broken Isles as you explore content that dynamically scales to your level.
  • Boost to Level 100 — Come fully prepared to battle the Legion with a level-100 character boost, and fight alongside your friends in this epic new chapter of World of Warcraft.
  • New Feature: Class Hall—Gather with fellow members of your class and unite followers of your order—including iconic characters from Warcraft lore—to carry out missions at your command.
  • New PvP Honor System — Fight for fame, glory, and a range of new PvP-specific powers as you face the opposing faction in Arenas and Battlegrounds.
Female Demon Hunter -  The new Hero Class being introduced in World of Warcraft: Legion

Female Demon Hunter – The new Hero Class being introduced in World of Warcraft: Legion

Players who decide to pre-order the new expansion from Blizzard will receive a Level 100 character boost. The character boost allows you instantly level one of your characters to Level 100 (the current level cap) and means you can jump right into the action when the Legion is finally released this August. Pre-purchasing will also allow players early access to the brand new Demon Hunter Hero Class as soon as the pre-expansion patch arrives (likely late July or early August).

You can find out more about the Legion expansion and pre-order digital copies over at the official site.

Image Credits: Blizzard

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