Justice League Trailer revealed at San Diego Comic-Con

By ·July 23, 2016 9:06 pm

Zack Snyder just revealed a trailer for DC’s Justice League via his twitter account, using the hashtag #nevermisshallh, which refers to Snyder’s Hall H panel within SDCC.

The footage shows Bruce Wayne gathering the remaining members of the Justice League together, beginning with Arthur Curry (Aquaman).

The song choice and tone appear a little unexpected, perhaps due to fan criticism of the previous tone used within the DCEU. There are also jokes in the trailer, such as Barry Allen asking if he can keep Batman’s batarang. We we don’t want is for Synder and co to alter Justice League beyond the original vision that they had for so, so we hope that this serious but lilted with jokes tone was their intent all along.

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While we love what we’re seeing, it does feel a little underwhelming arriving on the heels of that exceptional Wonder Woman trailer. That’s a trailer that wows from the first second to the last, whereas the Justice League trailer to us feel more like something that sparks intrigue that full blown excitement.

We also curious how Steppenwolf will remain a big enough villain to hold the film and we hope that they don’t delay too long in bringing Darkseid in.

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What do you think of this trailer? Does it hold up against the quality of the recently released Wonder Woman trailer? Use the comments below to share your views.

Justice League will be released on November 17th 2017.

Image credits: DC, Warner Bros.

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