Independence Day: Resurgence – Enlist in the ESD today!

By ·May 10, 2016 12:17 am

In the run up to Independence Day: Resurgence’s release, 20th Century FOX have released more in-universe style trailers to bring us closer to the alternate reality of the Independence Day films. In the latest trailer we are urged by General Adams (William Fictner) to enlist in the ESD to ensure earth can continue to prevent another alien attack like that of the War of 1996.

If you follow the General’s orders and visit the the ESD enlistment website you will be greeted with an Independence Day: Resurgence alternate reality game (ARG) which has been created in partnership with the U.S. Army.

Within an ARG you are placed in an in-universe environment and often asked to complete tasks (often as a collective) and/or decipher clues to further the advancement of the game.

Upon enlisting in the ESD you are taken to a mission menu where you can advance your career as an ESD cadet through mini games and also find out about actual U.S. Army careers. Advancement of your ESD career will unlock exclusive Independence Day: Resurgence content.

After signing up the join the ESD you are greeted with a mission page which leads you into the ARG

ARG’s have been extremely an popular marketing tool in the past for releases such as the Bioshock 2 game and the Prometheus film, generating huge amounts of interest and anticipation in the final product. Personally I’m a major fan of ARGs and wish more franchises would utilize them in their marketing campaigns, they are incredibly captivating and really bring a franchise’s backstory and lore to life.

To further the ESD’s efforts to recruit more personnel (and the story of the ARG), FOX have released a small in-universe tribute video titled Be Someone’s Hero. It’s from a proud father who’s daughter has joined the ESD and how he knows “this planet is safer, because she’s defending it.”

I imagine we will see more of these enlistment style videos and progression of the ARG, in the weeks to come as 20th Century Fox continue to ramp up their Independence Day: Resurgence marketing campaign ahead of it’s June 24th release.

Image Credits: 20th Century Fox

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