Hulk vs. Red Hulk LEGO set revealed for Comic-Con 2016

By ·July 8, 2016 9:06 pm

The latest LEGO reveal for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is the smashtastic Hulk vs. Red Hulk set, featuring four minifigures and two vehicles. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively revealed the new LEGO Super Heroes set earlier today and that the set would also be on display at Comic-con.

The set contains the first ever LEGO appearances of Red Hulk, She-hulk and Red She-hulk alongside the Hulk himself. The set comes with a green vehicle (measuring 14 cm high, 19 cm long and 11 cm wide) packing a six-stud shooter and a red vehicle (7 cm high, 19 cm long and 14 cm wide) equipped with triple dual stud shooters. The set consists of 375 pieces and will retail around $59.99.

The new set will be released as part of LEGO’s January 2017 release phase, no doubt alongside all of the new Mighty Micro’s sets we have seen revaled over the last few weeks.

While I’m in no way a fan of vehicles, due to their exageratted and somewhat comical features, I am very interested with the two newly bricked She-hulk figures which will make a fine addition to anyones collection. The Red Hulk feels like a cop out since it’s just a repaint of the original Hulk figure, although the Red Hulk does come with a new hair mould.

To a long time fan of the Hulk the vehicles make little sense since the Hulk can effortlessly leap grand distances and not only that, the bright clashing colours used on the Hulk’s vehicle remind me of previous colour schemes we’ve seen used for The Joker’s vehicles in the past LEGO sets.

However, in the grand scheme of things this set is clearly aimed at the younger market and if I was an eight year old boy, I’m going to love smashing those two vehicles to bits with my mates!

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