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By ·September 3, 2017 10:07 pm

We said recently that we don’t want to take SyFy’s decision to cancel Dark Matter lying down. We meant it. I lay out several ways that you can voice your discontent with SyFy and your support for other networks to pick up the show.

My ideas range from the obvious (sending an email) to the downright wacky (piling SyFy’s offices high with red dice). Doing nothing gets us nowhere and we need to stand up for the show.

What’s our goal?

Before we try to save the show, it’s important to outline what we’d be happy with. Obviously we want two more seasons, in an ideal world. Joseph Mallozzi always intended five seasons and we want the two that we’ve been robbed of. This would be achieved on SyFy, or ideally on another white knight network who could pick up the show.

But failing that, we at least want a six-episode miniseries to wrap the show up. Joseph Mallozzi approached SyFy with the suggestion of doing six final episodes, even though it compromised his overall vision. They refused, even though Space and Syfy recently gave Killjoys two whole seasons to close their show, which is a slap in the face for Dark Matter fans, no matter how you look at it (this is not intended as a slight on Killjoys – it’s a great show, run by great people).

Use the hashtag #SaveDarkMatter

This one’s really important. You all used it in your droves after we posted our last article and I love you all for it. Let’s keep the momentum going – it’s the only way we’ll get it trending. And trending gets us noticed.

Technically the show is already axed, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be ‘saved’ in the sense that it will be resurrected, so the phrasing is still apt.

Voice your dismay – tell SyFy how you feel

Let’s show SyFy what it means to be a fan.

One voice can be ignored but thousands can’t be disregarded. If we all contact SyFy via the appropriate channels, to voice our discontent, we’re bound to get noticed. Getting heard as one huge passionate and vocal force is the first step towards SyFy deciding to change their stance.

It’s not impossible – it’s happened before with others shows. It can happen again, here. At the very least we want to show them how big of a mistake they’ve made – they cancelled it because they think there’s not a large enough audience that exists to watch Dark Matter; let’s show them how large we truly are.

Please remember to be polite in all instances. There’s no need for obscenity. They’ll respect your comments far more if they’re respectable and you can show your passion just as well without getting aggressive.

Here’s how to get in touch with them:

  • Tweet them – send them a tweet to show SyFy what their own slogan – ‘it’s a fan thing’ – can truly mean
  • Email them at – this email address is clearly designed for feedback, so give them the kind of feedback that will make them sit up and take notice

Let other networks know what’s up for grabs

Netflix are well-known for saving axed shows.

Netflix are well-known for picking up shows that were dropped by other networks. They have the capital and the creative integrity to take on a show like Dark Matter. Joseph Mallozzi has his own plans in place regarding which networks to approach and we don’t want encroach on that. But letting titans like Netflix know that you’d love them to pick up Dark Matter can’t hurt.

It might give them the nudge that they need to notice that a show this brilliant is up for grabs. Netflix aren’t the only saving grace out there either – The CW saved Supergirl after CBS dropped it. Pick a network that you’d love to see scoop Dark Matter up and give them a tweet or an email.

Protest SyFy by post

Bombarding SyFy with red dice by post would certainly send a strong message.

Disclaimer: This suggestion should only be undertaken after we get Joseph Mallozzi’s consent, so please don’t take any action on this yet.

As much as we’re in the digital age, there’s nothing better to showcase our discontent and our passion than a physical protest. We don’t mean standing outside with large signs, wearing toques and singing ‘Dominique’ (how perfect would that be) – we mean utilising the postal service to send SyFy a clear visual representation of our dismay.

It’s worked before. Jericho fans sent over 14,000 pounds of nuts in to CBS, forcing the studio to admit:

You got our attention; your emails and collective voice have been heard. As a result, CBS has ordered seven episodes of “Jericho” for mid-season next year.

Roswell fans sent in 6000 bottles of Tabasco sauce and the show was renewed for two more seasons. There’s something about this physical bombardment that clearly works and we’re eager to spearhead a similar movement, if you – Dark Matter fans – are game to participate.

What would we send?

I’ve thought about this and I think I have the ideal choice: red six-sided dice.

Why red dice?

  • Even though One is a character of the past, the show has always been about six core characters – One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six (hence the six-sided dice, which also works as a cry out for that six-episode miniseries) and The Android. Season 3 (our forced final season, thanks to SyFy) held a red motif – red outfits, marketing material and so forth. This small but effective item shows what we are protesting most – the loss our The Raza crew from our lives – and it relates to the recent season too (just as Jericho‘s nuts related to the final season that they were left with).
  • While it might take a lot of dice to pile up SyFy’s postal room, their small size is a benefit, as it means they’re easy to post – either en masse, or individually by fans.
  • They’re affordable and easy to find (other colours of dice would work too) – we don’t want to ask anyone to break the bank or go out of their way to participate.

How would it work?

There would be two ways to run this:

  • We at The Nerd Recites would order these en masse from a dice seller, on behalf of the fans, taking small donations from fans beforehand to cover the dice and postage costs. We would then post these directly to SyFy.
  • And/or fans themselves would send their own dice (everyone has some laying around the house) directly to SyFy.

Where would we send them?

We’d dig out the address for you and would update it here once we get some commitment from fans and Joseph Mallozzi’s approval.

This idea would only works if you join us – get in touch with us via Twitter or in the comments section below to let us know whether you’d be up for taking part in our six-sided movement, or let us know which of the other avenues you’ve used to voice your support.

And we’re open to new or alternative ideas too – so don’t be afraid to pitch some.

An update…

Joseph Mallozzi has recently updated his blog with a list of hashtag ideas. These include #TeamRaza, #Marauders and even one pitched by Ennis Esmer (#DarkMates). Once the fandom settles on one we’ll let you know.

Mallozzi also mentioned that he’s still meeting with people about a potential pick-up for the show and he promised he’d inform fans when he has news.

Image credits: SyFy

Written by Christopher Hart

Lead Writer and Copywriter

Chris is a Copywriter for a major bank. He an MA in Publishing and a BA in Comparative Literature. He's also a self-published author (Altered Stone).

His areas of interest include LOST, The Leftovers, The Prisoner, Y: The Last Man, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, BioShock, Supergiant Games and Josh Malerman.

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  1. Has SyFy ever uncancelled a show? The only reason FarScape got a mini series is because the fans made the show attractive to someone else with money to foot the bill. SyFy doesn’t get a cookie for that one. Sending them things is pointless. Focus on Netflix, or making the show attractive to someone else.

    Also, just bringing up Killjoys and their two season renewal, which has nothing to do with DM’s cancellation, is kind of a jerk move.

    1. author staff

      Netflix is indeed one of our suggested avenues and I have seen that there is a #TeamRaza movement going on soon, to persuade Netflix to take on the show. We’re on board with this.

      It’s been pointed out that Killjoys’ renewal was made by Space and SyFy. I still think it’s pertinent to the issue at hand – while Killjoys is good, their (extensive) renewal shows that such things are/were possible under the SyFy umbrella.

      Not trying to belittle the Killjoys guys – just making a comparative observation.

  2. “we at least want a six-episode miniseries to wrap the show up”

    Sorry, but that’s just not enough. Joseph needs two seasons, Joseph must have two seasons.

    1. author staff

      I love your enthusiasm to see the whole thing through. 🙂 I agree, but sometimes it’s better to take 6 episodes over nothing at all. Let’s hope Netflix pick it up and (presumably) we won’t have to worry about a diminished episode count.

      1. Hopefully a tv channel will pick it up instead of Netflix. Video and Audio quality are a lot better on a tv channel for people like me. If we have no other option, I would have to buy the blu ray version I guess.

  3. To whom it may concern:

    „Serenety“-Option – Dark Matter on the big screen.

    Hey Dark Matter Team (Raza),
    dear Mr. Mallozzi, dear Mr. Mullie,

    i liked the Firefly movie and i love your show. I would love to see the old team on the big screen.
    How about crowdfunding an independent future of Dark Matter?

    For the Movie:
    Nobody dies, eventually. Please bring the dead back at some point and degree ( Blink to the team again, in the time you already told memories about. Try to get all actors for a movie and new show, how one of the crew recruits them, maybe the timetraveling, maybe his mind in somone else, he is in the memories, -that is what i would prefer (like Daniel in Stargate)- or the data bank hidden in plain sight.
    Roger Cross finds himself near by Marc Bendavid and the try to get along
    and bring the team back together. Or more together for ther first time before Season one Episode One.

    For future TV episodes:
    I like the android ark more than the alien ark, so i would love to see more of that in future seasons.
    I remember only the last Season of Andromeda, because it was so different. The actor goes into the tessaract and meets his alter-ego. Inside is a pocket-universe, but you may know the story yourself.

    Maybe you get more actors like Nathan Fillon and his Crew as a cameo to get more viewers for the movie. You are free to decide a new angle of your universe. A rift in space-time could bring some good teams in. Maybe you get older iconic actors like the captains of Andromeda or one of the Crew from Lexx. Someone or something nearly nobody thought about to save the universe. You already have the Firefly vibe, but don´t go to much into late Stargate, some international fans don´t like the Ori ark.
    The supergate at the end could be a time machine.

    Blink drive in the future, so that you coud fill the gap between movie and TV-show afterwards in a possible last season.
    There should be something to win something. Maybe something out of a distinct dark matter…
    Choose the best option for a future „Dark Matter“, but with the fact in mind, that it could be the end for the cast and crew. The aliens could be friendly in an unexpected way, because they see the bigger picture and could help against the dark fleet in the end with their flubbery state. There ist he potential of a better „Cube Zero“. The end could be the beginning: „Six people wake up on a deserted spaceship. They can’t remember who they are or what they’re doing there. They set off to find answers. “.

    Who knows, you decide.

    One of your fans from Europe.