Holiday gift guide: 10 everyday use gifts for the Marvel fanatic on the go

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It can be hard to show your love for a geek hobby in everyday life. With work, family, and the daily routine taking up the bulk of time and space, letting your geek flag fly can certainly be a challenge.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t cool ways to show off your interests. In fact, some of the more rewarding ways to flaunt your fandom come in the form of everyday items.

Chances are there will be a ton of Marvel gift guides this year featuring DVDs, figures, posters and cool memorabilia that certainly fit the mold. But the Marvel fan on the go in your life simply won’t have time to appreciate them.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled an exhaustive list for the exhausted fanatics who long to show their Marvel love on their daily grind.

I’ve also tried to keep the price manageable, as these daily items can be quite expensive, but I think you’ll find that none of them are too cost-prohibitive for the Marvel fan in your life.

Avengers ceramic travel mug – $14.95

With the Avengers protecting your drink, what could go wrong?

Featuring the MCU incarnation of the Avengers (sorry Ant-Man and Wasp fans) the Avengers travel mug can be purchased via the official Disney shop, and features a stainless steel exterior and a rubber non-slip base to keep your drink safe from all harm.

The mug also showcases Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Captain America in their own iconic comic-style panels with the classic look and feel of the House of Ideas in the 60s and 70s.

I have to say I really enjoy things like this. As a huge comic book fan, the merging of the two worlds (using a MCU-inspired Avengers team with the classic look of golden-age Marvel) is an inspired one, and can be a fun reminder to any comic book fan who can remember dreaming of one day watching their favorite heroes on the big screen.

The Punisher iphone skin – $14.99

This Punisher phone case protects your phone at all costs.

Phone accessories are a fantastic way for lovers of niche culture to flaunt their fandom in a subtle way, and the skins from skinit have always been top quality, but the Punisher phone skin is one of the very best.

On the back of the skin, Netflix’s Punisher logo stands out around an abstract watercolor-like graphic of Frank Castle and his iconic skull emblem, while the front side features the same skull logo enlarged and divided between the top and bottom chins on the iPhone 8 model.

Skinit also has Punisher skins for most of models of iPhones going all the way back to the 3G model, although the graphic detail may be different depending on the older, smaller models. And for android users, skinit has skins for most manufacturers including Google, Samsung, and HTC.

Iron Man and Spider-Man toiletries bag – $22.95

This toiletries bag featuring Spidey and Iron Man will have you saving the world in no time, with plenty of room for your toothbrush.

The Iron Man and Spider-Man toiletries bag also comes from the Marvel shop, and shows off more classic comic artwork with a weathered panel look. The Spider-Man artwork comes from the Amazing Spider-Man issues in The Night Gwen Stacy died, as well as an early issue of Iron Man. The inside of the bag features comic book panel art too, this time in black-and-white, and features Iron Man and Spider-Man, as well as Hulk and Thor.

Made of faux leather with PVC trim, the bag is a roomy one too, with two exterior pockets and a main zipper-enclosure all of which feature the Marvel logo.

Whether using it on a business trip or family vacation this toiletries bag is a fun little addition to the Marvel fans belongings, and it’s sure to bring a smile to their face.

Captain America 1-cup coffee maker and mug – $24.95

Give your mornings a punch with this Captain America 1-cup coffee maker.

I’ve been using a Star Wars variation of this coffee maker but the Captain America variation of this coffee and mug set is an excellent choice for any Marvel morning.

The coffee maker and mug are officially licensed from Disney and feature sharp graphics of Cap’s emblem and shield logo on the mug and machine itself.

Far cheaper than a Keurig, this coffee maker brews a great cup of coffee or tea in a convenient single serving with no mess and minimal upkeep to boot, making it perfect for the early bird on the go who loves the First Avenger.

Captain America umbrella – $26.95

Weather the storm with this Captain America shield umbrella.

Direct from the Marvel shop comes the Captain America shield umbrella with screen art featuring Cap’s iconic shield logo. The umbrella also comes with nylon sleeve and tie strap featuring the Captain America: Civil War logo to boot.

Once upon a time, Captain America was lost in the shuffle of comics, and very nearly never made it out of his disastrous 90s runs. That all changed with Chris Evans’ MCU portrayals and now interest in Cap is at an all-time high.

Cap merch like this is a blessing to any Marvel fan, but especially to long time fans. As super hero fans, we’ve never had it so good.

Guardians of the Galaxy accessories $39.99

Dress up in style with these Guardians of the Galaxy accessories, including a money clip, cufflinks and tie clip.

Who said sporting your favorite space-faring super team’s merch couldn’t look good?

This set of accessories, featuring a money clip, cufflinks and tie clip is a perfect match for the Marvel super fan who needs to dress to impress.

With the classy Guardians emblem and star field design, these accessories are sure to catch the eye of fellow Marvel fans (while remaining inconspicuous to those not in the know), and because it’s from ThinkGeek it ships in a gift box for easy gifting. Win win.


Spider-Man silk tie  – $55.95

Show your love for the wall crawler with this silk tie featuring none other than your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The Spider-Man mask tie from the Marvel shop is a must have for Spidey fans who choose to have a little fun when dressing up for business or pleasure.

It may seem a little pricey at $55.95, but compared to other Spider-Man ties, the fine silk and understated design make it that much more appealing.

The tie is adorned with the web head’s iconic mask in woven detail with a plaid spider-web like design and really stands out against the black silk background of the tie, making it a perfect gift for the Spider-Man fan who could use a little action in the wardrobe department.

Venom men’s watch – $59.99

An alien symbiote has never looked this good.

You don’t often see a ton of high quality villain merch outside the world of figures and statues, and Venom merch may be even rarer still (until his movie comes out that is), and that’s what makes this awesome Venom watch all the more remarkable.

As I’m a huge fan of Venom in any incarnation, the Venom watch is a must have for serious fans who love Marvel’s first alien symbiote and a good timepiece.

The watch features the gorgeous Venom logo in black, silhouetted by the white sunray dial clock face and sterling silver case. It also features waterproofing up to 30 meters, and comes with a 1-year warranty should the watch holder encounter any rogue webbing.

Captain Marvel sash purse – $69.99

Unleash your inner heroine with this Captain Marvel sash purse.

As my wife will attest, the hype is real for this Captain Marvel sash purse. I’ll admit, I was a bit shocked when I went on a search for Captain Marvel accessories. She may be one of my wife’s favorite heroines in Marvel, but she’s not exceedingly well known outside of comic fandom  though I do hope that changes with the MCU’s first female-led solo film.

This purse really nails the look of Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel, with the iconic starburst design of the Kree Empire, which her emblem is inspired from.

It’s perfect for the would-be heroine on the go too, with multiple straps to carry it in whichever way suits you  and the pockets to carry anything you need to save the world.

And if your giftee is anything like my wife, she’ll want the matching Captain Marvel wallet to go with.

Iron Man kettlebell – $119.95

Want to be the next Iron Man? Work out with this kettlebell, featuring Tony Stark’s armored likeness.

Even busy billionaires like Tony Stark have to keep in shape, and it doesn’t get much cooler than working out with a kettlebell featuring the likeness of Iron Man himself.

Apart from looking awesome, the 40-pound Iron Man kettlebell is beautifully sculpted, and coated with chip resistant iron that could even stand up to a few reps with the Incredible Hulk.

And don’t worry, if kettlebell training isn’t your Marvel fan’s thing, Onnit also has Captain America barbell plates too so they can relive all that macho Civil War action.



Did any of these gifts make it onto yours or your giftee’s Christmas lists? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image credits: Marvel

Written by Alex Wedderien


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His specialty subjects include DC, Marvel, and Image comics.

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