Hearthstone’s newest expansion is announced: One Night in Karazhan – Release date, card previews and more

By ·July 29, 2016 9:07 am

Blizzard has gone back to it’s roots with the newest Hearthstone expansion announcement and will see us returning to the legendary Karazhan raid from World of Warcraft. The new expansion will be available from the 11th August for American servers and 12th August for European servers. The expansion will be available to putchase in it’s entirety for £13.99 on PC/Mac/Android and £14.99 on iOS, alternatively players can purchase each wing of the expansion individually for £4.99 or 700 gold in-game.

With the launch of One Night in Karazhan all players will be able to play a prologue level for free and in return be rewarded with two new cards from the new expansion. As an additional bonus, players who purchase the entire expansion within the first week of it’s launch will receive a special Karazhan themed card back.

One Night in Karazhan sees players visit Medivh’s tower, Karazhan, for a unique and wondrous evening of fun and entertainment. As Azeroth’s most powerful mage, Medivh’s magical prowess is surpassed only by his love for extravagant shindigs, and he has spared no expense to entertain his cherished guests—lavish feasts, impeccable Opera performances, and more await you inside.

“One Night in Karazhan will give players the chance to party with Medivh while earning some great new cards for their collections,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment “We’re excited to reimagine one of Azeroth’s most beloved locations in Hearthstone, and we can’t wait to see players put their new decks to the test.”

As Mike Morhaime mentions above this expansion really is a reimagining of the original World of Warcraft raid, Karazhan. Having spent endless hours raiding Karazhan and having to deal with no ends of mobs, being forced to watch the opera performance or play the massive game of chess, over and over, every week to progress in the game, it’s incrediby refreshing to see the 60’s disco spin the Hearthstone team have put on this once tedious raid.

The new expansions brings with a whole host of new goodies to the game, new classic legendaries such as Moroes, nine new class challenges, a new game board (hell yea!), new portal spell cards and of course brand 45 new cards for your collection. We also have seven card previews from the new expansion to show you below:


Sadly at this point there are no Priest, Shaman, Warlock or Warrior cards to be shown, but we do have two legendaries. Personally The Curator looks like a powerful card given it’s ability to draw 3 cards with it’s battlecry in addition to it’s taunt.

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Image Credits: Blizzard

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