HBO unveils a first look trailer for The Leftovers Season 3

By ·January 24, 2017 8:51 pm

The end is near. This is the moment that The Leftovers fans both yearn for and fear; the beginning of the end of Damon Lindelof’s masterful HBO show. HBO just dropped the first trailer (which they are calling a ‘first look’) for the much anticipated final season, which you can view below.

I count myself among the more fervent and passionate follows of this show, to the point where I recently came up with my own extensive and detailed theories on what Season 3 might hold, which are based on in depth research into Season 1 and Season 2 for clues.

Although HBO had released a handful of photos of the cast in Australia prior to now, this is our first truly meaty look at what Season 3 holds.

So what does this first look show us? Firstly, I would hazard a guess that when all of these characters are looking up they are not all necessarily in the same place and therefore are not all necessarily looking at the message in the sky that reads ‘THE END IS NEAR’ (which of course is a nod to the show ending too).

The text that accompanies the video on HBO’s Facebook post implores fans to ‘look up’, which makes me think that looking skyward is far more than just one momentary message in the clouds for Kevin and company, and that the sky will actually probably be important to Season 3 in some other, much grander manner.

Perhaps the descent into chaos theory in my theories article begins with a biblical-like rupture of the sky (Kevin is standing amidst the ruins of a church in one of these shots). There’s a lot of avenues that this season could take us down and I for one am ecstatic about its impending arrival.

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