Getting to Know AMC Preacher’s Supporting Characters: Part 1

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As Garth Ennis’ genius comic is finally brought to the big screen by AMC, we provide a little background on the supporting characters that populate Preacher.

The core trio – Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare and Cassidy – you will undoubtedly get to know pretty quickly, but when it comes side characters like Arseface and Odin Quincannon, you might desire a little more background, if you haven’t read the comics.

For now, we’ve only included the supporting characters from the comics that we know will definitely feature in AMC Preacher‘s first season. There are many other crucial comics characters that might appear later on in the show, for which we will produce future parts to this article.

Spoilers for the comics and for the show lay within.



The giant crying baby face that is Genesis.

The giant crying baby face that is Genesis.

In the war between Heaven and Hell, unions between angels and demons are forbidden. However, love conquers this boundary when a Seraphi angel falls in love with a female demon. The two sleep together and a unique child is born: Genesis.

Genesis has the face of a crying human baby and the body of a comet. Genesis also possesses all of the powers and memories of both Heaven and Hell, which makes it a threat to many, including God himself, who abdicates his throne and runs in fear of Jesse and Genesis.

In the show, Genesis first tries to enter a Preacher in Africa and the Preacher is not strong enough to contain Genesis, so he explodes. Genesis ultimately finds Jesse, who is strong enough to carry the burden.

Genesis attempting to enter Jesse and use him as a host.

Genesis attempting to enter Jesse and use him as a host.

Whoever Genesis resides within is afforded the power of “the word of God”. This is the ability to state a command and whoever is listening will immediately obey your precise command. The host has the ability to turn the word on and off (the use of the word is usually signified by a change in the host’s eyes).

In the show, Rogen and Goldberg has retained the crying noise and comet appearance of Genesis, but have not so far shown its giant baby face, which might be a smart move on their part, lest this possibly look too silly on screen.

Genesis travelling to Earth in the pilot episode of the show.



Arseface as a Cobain-idolising teenager, before he attempted suicide.

Arseface as a Cobain-idolising teenager, before he attempted suicide.

Arseface was a normal-looking teenager (whose name we are not provided), who grew up under an abusive, redneck Father (Sheriff Root). Root often beat him for trivial reasons and viewed his son as a disappointment.

Arseface and his friend “Pube” both idolised Kurt Cobain, to the degree where they made a suicide pact together, to die in the manner in which Cobain killed himself.

Suffering on all sides with bullying both at home and at school, the two decide to execute their suicide pact. Pube places a shotgun in his mouth and successfully kills himself, but Arseface places the shotgun under his chin, which results in him blowing away the lower half of his face and surviving the suicide attempt.

After an exchange with Pube’s grief-stricken sister in hospital, Arseface resolves to have a more positive outlook on life. However, Arseface’s suicide attempt also caused his Mother to finally leave her abusive husband, which Sheriff Root views as Arseface’s fault. From this point onwards, the Sheriff never speaks to his son nor acknowledges him, but Arseface, through his new found optimism, continues to talk to his Father in an enthusiastic manner, nonetheless (albeit through his now garbled speech, which only a few can understand).

Arseface vowing to taking vengeance on Jesse Custer and owning his title of 'Arseface'.

Arseface vowing to taking vengeance on Jesse Custer and owning his title of ‘Arseface’.

As the comic progresses, Arseface seeks vengeance on Jesse Custer for causing the death of his Father. Arseface also finds great success in the musical industry along his travels – as the singer for a rock band.

The show has retained the striking arse-like hole in the character’s face, but has dimmed down the damage in the upper-half of the character’s head. We can’t wait to see what Colletti does with this tragic and brilliant role.

Ian Colletti as Arseface in AMC's adaptation.

Ian Colletti as Euegen Root/Arseface in AMC’s adaptation.


Hugo Root

Hugo Root

Sherrif Hugo Root is the mean, abusive father of Arseface. Root is an alcoholic and racist who believes that “Martian N*ggers” are the source of America’s problems. Root despises his son and refuses to acknowledge him.

In the comics, Root’s first encounter with Jesse and The Saint of Killers (a crucial character who will be addressed in a future article) leaves his deputies dead. Root is ridiculed for this and as a result chooses to hunt Jesse down.

Upon their second encounter Jesse – without thinking of the true implications of this command – uses the word of God (which Jesse can use to command people to do his bidding) to tell Root to “go f*ck himself”. Root has no choice but to abide by the command and literally f*cks himself (inserts his genitals into his anus), injuring himself and placing him in hospital. In hospital, he commits suicide in front of his son, which spurs Arseface to go on a mission to take vengeance upon Jesse.

Although W. Earl Brown looks nothing like the comic version of Root, we don’t mind his casting, as we know that Brown is a capable and accomplished actor.

Sheriff Root, played by W. Earl Brown, converses with Jesse Custer through his car window.


Fiore and DeBlanc

The angels Fiore and DeBlanc after they have fallen and indulged in Earthly pleasures.

Fiore and DeBlanc are two Adephi angels who are sent to Earth to retrieve the escaped Genesis. Once the two are down on Earth, however, they mostly ignore their duty (God has abdicated after all) and indulge instead in Earthly pleasures. By the end of the comic, these two angels are so far fallen that Fiore is snorting cocaine and DeBlanc is having sex with women.

In the show, we suspect that Rogen and Goldberg have a much larger role in mind for these two angels. Just from the image below you can see they they have assumed the guise of law enforcers, which means that they are probably hot on the trail of trying to find Genesis.

Fiore and DeBlanc in AMC’s Preacher. Played by Tom Brook and Anatol Yusef.


Odin Quincannon

Odin Quincannon

Odin among the processed meat that he has a sexual affection for.

Odin Quincannon is actually a character who appears later on in the comics, but AMC have brought him in much earlier. Odin is a Wealthy business-man who has a great deal of control over the small town of Salvation. Odin runs a meat processing plant and has been witnessed having sex with various meat products, while they are stacked and shaped into the form of a woman.

Jackie Earle Haley as Odin in the show really is sublime casting. Haley is not afraid to take on creepy and taboo roles like this and we can’t wait to see his messed up take on Quincannon. We understand why Rogen and Goldberg have brought Odin’s character forward in the show, if they have the likes of Haley to play him.

Jackie Earle Haley will play Odin in AMC's Preacher.

Jackie Earle Haley will play Odin in AMC’s Preacher.

Please check back for future parts to Getting to Know AMC Preacher’s Supporting Cast. As the show progresses and continues to add more characters from the comics, we will address these and provide valuable background on each of these characters. You just need to look at the main image for this article to see that there are a huge myriad of characters for Rogen and Goldberg to draw from.

Image credits: Vertigo, AMC

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