Get close and personal with a Xenomorph in the latest trailer for Alien: Covenant

By ·March 1, 2017 2:09 am

As promised yesterday, a brand new trailer for Alien: Covenant has dropped and this time it’s a doozy.

For the first time since the film was announced, we’re finally get a good look at our very first Alien: Covenant era Xenomorph.

It’s not just a Xenomorph this trailer delivers we’re also getting brief glimpses of the fabled albino Neomorph, new locations and a very odd flora discovery on the surface of Paradise. Watch it all for yourself in the trailer below.

We may as well talk about the xeno-elephant in the room and discuss the use of CGI for the Xenomorph.

It’s easy to balk about the use of CGI for the alien when in the past the role has previously employed practical effects to achieve it’s means. But you need to look at this pragmatically, without the use of CGI you’d never have achieved the deftness, agility and speed that you see the Xenomorph utilise when attacking the ship.

You could argue that Xenomorphs should be stealthy and lumbering as seen in Alien, but this a Ridley Scott film after all, we’re talking Aliens here, and surely a faster more aggressive bug is better suited for a modern Aliens inspired style film?

I for one am a massive Xeno fan, but In this case I’m on the fence about a purely CGI creature. Time will tell though, you never know it may work out for the best and who am I to argue with Ridley Scott after all.

Alien: Covenant hits UK cinemas May 12th and US cinemas May 19th.

Written by Michael James Ilett


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