Gamestop executive states new console releases “seem imminent”

By ·April 18, 2016 10:43 pm

It seems that the console wars are not over yet, as a Senior Executive at Gamestop says the release of new consoles “seem imminent.” There is already a lot of rumors going around about new consoles being released by the end of this year, so this news is fuel to the fire.

Chief operating officer, Tony Bartel, said at the Gamestop analyst and inventor briefing day that he is, “pleased to see the introduction of technology like virtual reality and rumored new console launches, some of which seem imminent.” Of course when asked about which consoles he was referring to he said, “as usual, we know more than we can share.”

We already know that Sony is working on a “beefed-up” Playstation 4 that will be a step up from the original. It will be more powerful, and will be capable of running 4k resolution in games, unlike the current one which can only support 4k videos. Sony is also keen on making it a home entertainment “nerve center,” where it can connect to other devices such as smart phones and tablets. Many are hoping it will provide better support for Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset, Playstation VR, which looks amazing!

Kotaku had a lot of the early information regarding the new Playstation 4 model and says in their informative article stating that Kotaku UK Editor in Chief Keza MacDonald “overheard some developers casually talking about the machine while on line at GDC. They mentioned the name ‘PS4.5’ and discussed its increased horsepower, mentioning both 4K resolution and PlayStation VR.”

When it comes to Nintendo, fans are riled up for Nintendo NX, the only console that was officially confirmed and talked about by the company, instead of just insiders leaking news. This makes us believe that Nintendo is ahead of the game, which is great for them since their consoles always seem to lag behind Sony and Microsoft.

The now debunked, leaked image of the Nintendo NX controller

The now debunked, leaked image of the Nintendo NX controller

While there hasn’t been much in terms of confirmed news, there is a lot of rumors, but sadly, some of them have already been debunked. However, it is said to mimic something like a Playstation Vita, where it merges handheld and home console into one.

Last, but not least, it is said Microsoft are working on hardware upgrades for the Xbox One, but the company is being very vague with it’s information. This can either mean they have something great to surprise us with, or they are simply trying to put something together to rival Playstation and Nintendo.

Regardless, this seems like it will be a great console year, and even a chance to see some new games. Many are hoping for a new Super Smash Bros for Nitendo NX’s release, but all we can do is wait and see!

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