Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Date Revealed

By ·March 9, 2017 9:06 pm

Fans, excited and impatient, gathered around their electronics to watch a brilliant display of ice and fire that has revealed to us the premiere date of Game of Thrones, season 7!

Set in a castle-esque room, a camera zoomed in, out, and around a block of ice that was steadily melting. In it was a slab, known to hold the date of the next season premier, July 16th. The theme song of this beloved show rang out in the beginning, making the excitement grow even greater. Suddenly bursts of fire, simulating dragons, appeared to help melt the ice quicker. The cause for this fire became apparent when the actor of Brandon Stark, Isaac Hempstead Wright, appeared, telling everyone to comment fire to help melt the ice. A picture of fire appeared in the top corner, with a circular bar filling up to signify the watchers commenting fire, the flames appearing when the bar is full.

While this was an interesting and interactive stream, it was not without it’s faults. The stream crashed twice, and sadly, the facebook’s comment of, “We will be back with more fire soon,” didn’t make it clear enough. This caused viewers to bombard the Facebook steam and twitter with questions of if the stream crashed, if this will be an ongoing reveal, or if HBO simply trolled thousands of people. Thankfully the stream was back up each time within minutes, this time with the official Facebook saying, “”Dracarys! There’s so much fire from the realm. We’re back and ready for more.”

The second time the stream was up, we got to see an array of different actors from the Lannister siblings to Brienne of Tarth, all making fun and witty references to the show and their characters, and encouraging the viewers to comment “fire.” However, the facebook then revealed a faster way to get this ice melted commenting, “Send a raven. Comment “DRACARYS!” to blast two flames and speed up the #GoTS7 reveal.”

As the ice got closer to melting, the anticipation grew. With over whopping 160,000 fans watching, it was revealed that the new season will premiere July 16th, 2017!

At the very end, viewers were graced to be the firsts to see a new season 7 teaser. The teaser featured an amazing display of dragons and animals intertwined then crumble as GOT character’s voices talked rang out lines from the next season give us an inside look of what will happen.

Liam Cunningham, actor of Davos, then appeared telling us Facebook fans that we did it! He also reassured us that, “It will be worth the wait.” While we are sure it is, we only have about 4 months of waiting left to do.

Only minutes after the stream ended the teaser was posted by itself, so take a look below:

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