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HBO has released a handful of new images ahead of Sunday’s airing of Home, the second episode of season six. We’ve already seen the teaser trailer which was released a few days ago but the additional images takes us slightly further into the events of Home. If you haven’t already seen the teaser trailer you can watch it below, however from now on this article will contain spoilers for the season six premiere and more.

As a team, we weren’t overly positive about the season six premeire, here at The Nerd Recites. For starters we had Ramsey Bolton greiving over the loss of Myranda which is highly uncharacteristic of Ramsey Bolton, he’s a downright monster in the books and for the majority of the show bar this one point, so why did the writers decide to shoehorn this in? I guess we will never truly know but at least we can characteristically grieve about that poor decision.

We were dealt another blow to the Dorne storyline and by blow I mean downright disregard for the Dorne storyline as we know from the books. Once again the writers decided to kill of more (all) of the crucial Dornish characters, leaving just Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes. All of which are small time players in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.

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However we may not be left completely sore with the next episode of Game of Thrones. It is clear from the preview pictures below and the teaser video above we will be going beyond the wall to continue the Bran storyline. There is a lot of potential for Bran, after all he is potentially the most powerful warg that Westeros has seen since the fabled greenseers of old. Bran really does have the scope to turn the tides of war against the wights and others and I’m sincerely wishing the showrunners have done justice to the potential Bran Stark holds.

Luckily it’s only a few more days until we know how Home turns out, in the mean time enjoy the preview images below and feel free to let us know your thoughts on the Season 6 premiere, The Red Woman.

Varys and Missandei conducting matters in Mereen

Varys and Missandei conducting matters in Mereen

Bran Stark in what appears to be a vision of himself at Winterfell

Bran Stark in what appears to be a vision of himself at Winterfell


Lord Balon Greyjoy and his daughter Asha Greyjoy

Edd Tolett at the Wall

Edd Tolett at the Wall


Ser Alliser Thorne

Image Credits: HBO

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