Game of Thrones: HBO releases 9 new images from the Season Six premiere

By ·April 22, 2016 6:49 am

It’s only a few more days until we get to see the first episode, Red Woman, of latest season of Game of Thrones. That hasn’t stopped HBO from ramping up the hype machine however and they’ve released nine new images (which you can see at the bottom of this article) from the first episode of season six.

None of the below images are particuarly telling as to the details of the first episode, but it does give us a feel of what characters and events we will see in the first episode.

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The first image is of Ramsay Bolton mourning the death of Myranda, however I’d guess Ramsey is mourning the loss of his favourite toy as opposed to that of loved one. There are two stills of Reek/Theon and Sansa Stark during thier escape from the Boltons through the harsh North. The now blinded Arya Stark can be seen training with Waif in presumably the streets of Bravos. Daenerys Targaryen is being confronted by Khal Moro in one image, while in the following still we can see the might of Khal Moro’s Khalasar. In the last two images we can see a very solemn Cersei followed by a lone ship approaching King’s Landing.

However no images of Melisandre, who we can assume is in the first episode given it’s title of the Red Woman.

Game of Thrones Season Six premieres on April 24th on HBO and April 25th on Sky Atlantic in the UK.









Image Credits: HBO

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