Game of Thrones drinkware and apparel to continue your obsession while you wait the long winter for season 8

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Winter is here and it is dark and full of terrors. With no new episodes of Game of Thrones to get us through the long night it might seem like we won’t survive this great winter, but the HBO store flies to the rescue on Drogon with themed apparel, drink ware, and accessories to entertain and warm you by the hearth of your keep.

It isn’t too early to start planning your season eight premier party. A set of house sigil glasses means you can easily find your wine, as well as whosoever you mean to poison among your guests. If you don’t find your house among a set, many more are available as singles. From cozy hooded sweatshirts, to shot glasses, and ceramic mugs to fill with warming beverages, there’s something to be found for each great house of Westeros.

Dragon Egg Bottle Stopers

Don’t let your finest Arbor Gold vintage oxidize between glasses! These Dragon egg bottle stoppers are reminiscent of a summer long ago, when Khal Drogo wed the Moon of his life, before dragons came back to the world.

'I drink and I know things' glass stein

If wine is not your drink of choice, and you find that rum is too sweet, you can fill this glass stein with your favorite ale and still “know things.”

'King in the North' hooded sweatshirt

Stay warm when ranging North of the Wall in a Game of Thrones sweatshirt that is Night’s Watch appropriate, though not necessarily Wildling approved.

'Knitting Mormont' mug

While lording it over the office it is imperative to inspire devotion and confidence in the hearts of your bannermen. What better way to do so than with the words of the unshakably fierce Lady Lyanna Mormont?

'Kissed by Fire' t-shirt

Red heads are the object of many jokes and teasing in any realm, so it’s nice when the biggest baddest bearded ginger in all the seven kingdoms reminds people how truly special you and your kind are.

Sansa Stark wolf sweatshirt

The lovely embroidery work of Sansa Stark taught to her by her mother Catelyn can be yours to wear in the Great War and all the wars to come with this zippered sweatshirt.

'The Crown Accepts Your Truce' mug

They know you aren’t to be trusted, and yet they chose to believe you anyway. Fools! Now smirk and sip your morning wine like a true Lannister.

'My Watch is Ended' T-shirt

Let everyone know that it is safe to talk to you without fear of spoilers with the immortal words of Jon Snow. Though it seems far away now, soon all our watching will have ended. This t-shirt is a proper swan song of ice and fire.

House sigil shot glass set

Let’s play a game! Every time that someone dies take a shot. Now walk up to the shop because you’re only halfway through Season Three’s first disc and you’re out of booze, but these shot glasses and this show are still too cool to stop drinking.

House sigil wine glass set

Represent your favorite house at any feast or a different one each night of the week with this set of sigil embossed wine goblets.

Please note, The Nerd Recites does not endorse poisoning or otherwise harming your guests, and especially not once they have eaten your bread and salt. We are honor-bound to remind all Lannisters and Cleganes to please drink responsibly.

Find your favorite character quote or house sigil emblazoned on nearly anything at The HBO Store before the Night King and his army comes for us all.

Image credits: HBO, Game of Thrones

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