Funko’s first wave of licensed Playmobil figures are set to launch this month

By ·January 11, 2017 1:12 pm

Way back in February, Funko announced that they were forming an ongoing collaboration with Playmobil to create 6″ collectible figures utilizing their wide range of licenses and yesterday we were finally shown the fruits of that labour. Twelve new figures from five franchises have been revealed and it has to be said it’s intriguing.

We have no idea on pricing for these, but what we do know is that they are due for release this month and it’s likely that they will be up for pre-order with retailers in no time at all. Check out all twelve figures below, some are definitely better than others.

First up we have two releases for the original Ghostbusters film, Dr. Raymond Stantz and Dr. Peter Venkman. These look exactly as I’d imagine the ghostbusters would in a Playmobil form factor, no surprises here and it’s a nice touch that they come with their proton packs. It’d be interesting to see a Slimer in this form factor, it could end up looking horrific, but I’m interested in seeing how Funko and Playmobil would handle him.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise has had the biggest release in this first wave, with three standard figures and an Entertainment Earth exclusive. It has to be said that the turtles look very weird, somewhat creepy and these wouldn’t end up in my collection.

The Entertainment Earth exclusive is a greyscale Raphael, but the real star from the Turtles range is Shredder. He’s instantly recognizable and doesn’t look forced into the Playmobil form factor like the other turtles do.

From the Back to the Future trilogy we have Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown figures. I like Marty, he’s instantly recognizable because of his red jacket, but I think they’ve missed a beat by packaging him with just a normal skateboard accessory and not the famous hoverboard.

Dr. Brown on the other hand has an uncanny resemblance to Jimmy Saville, so well done with that.

The two Doctor Who releases are great, while not a fan of Doctor Who personally, it’s hard to argue that they haven’t captured the likenesses of Matt Smith and Tom Baker as the eleventh and fourth Doctors with these figures. The sonic screwdriver accessories are real nice too.

Last but not least there are two figures released for the original Willy Wonka film. Gene Wilder looks great as Willy Wonka in Playmobil form, a wise choice over the absurdity of Johnny Depp’s Wonka. I’m taken with the Ooompa Loompa figure, their very concept intrigued me as a child and this figure is a perfect homage to that nostalgia I feel for them.

That wraps up the first wave of the Funko X Playmobil figures, on a whole this wave is a mixed bag. While I imagine some on these to sell out, I can also see a few of these collecting in bargain bins in the not so distant future.

Whatever your thoughts on these new figures, do let us know, whether in the comments or over on twitter.

Written by Michael James Ilett


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  1. I’m an adult Playmobil collector & am in contact with many different collectors & groups across the world. Reaction to this among my peers seems to be mostly positive, with hard core collectors being less enthused. Some of these feel the size of the figures is not an admirable quality & others have expressed dislike of the TMNTs. Most have given upbeat comments on the Wonka & Dr. Who figures. Many of my non-Playmobil friends seem rather interested so perhaps this is a good way for Playmobil to better integrate into the USA toy audience. I personally will be getting several of the figures, & I know of one local gaming store which will be carrying them.

    1. author staff

      Hey James,

      The insight is appreciated as is your comment. I too am not a fan of the large scale, but to a general mass collector’s market, 6″ scale is a good entry especially if it’s a good price point.

      It’s a genuine shamble that they’ve butchered the TMNT ones, but at least the Wonka line is top notch. I can only wonder what other licenses will get the Funko x Playmobil treatment, there could be some great things in store.