Funko to Release Preacher Funko Pops this August

By ·May 23, 2016 8:43 pm

Funko have revealed their brand new line of Funko Pops, to tie in with AMC’s brand new show Preacher.

Jesse Custer, Arseface (Eugene Root) and Cassidy are the three characters that have been given the Funko treatment.

Jesse Custer, Arseface (Eugene Root) and Cassidy.

Jesse Custer, Arseface (Eugene Root) and Cassidy.

It does make you wonder where Tulip is, however. She is, after all, part of the core trio and Arseface isn’t. Is this another example of toy producers omitting female characters because they think they won’t sell as well? Like with the recent Rey fiasco for Star Wars. We hope not, because Tulip is brilliant and we would certainly purchase her Funko.

Let’s hope that Funko are simply holding onto Tulip for their next batch of Preacher Funkos to be released (which could include Odin Quincannon, Hugo Root and more), when they decide to grow the Preacher line.

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We’re big Preacher fans here at The Nerd Recites, but we never suspected that Funko would produce Pops for the show. And as big fans of the comic, it’s certainly a dream come true for us. Plus, who knows – if these are popular enough then maybe we’ll even see comic book Preacher Funkos too, which means inclusion of the classic characters that don’t make it into the show.

For now, Jesse, Arseface and Cassidy are more than enough to keep us going. It’s just a shame that we have to wait until August to get our hands on them.

By our calculations, Season 1 of Preacher should air its season finale on 1 August 2016, which is just in time for these Funko Pops to be released – indicating that Funko have carefully selected this release date.

Jessie Custer, Arseface (Eugene Root) and Cassidy will be released by Funko in August 2016 and will be available to pre-order nearer the time of release.

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