Funko to release Dark Crystal POP! Vinyls this July

By ·May 29, 2016 1:58 pm

It’s a good time for all when we get more officially licensed Dark Crystal merchandise and this time around it’s Funko delivering the good news with five new Pop! Vinyls coming this July.

The five Dark Crystal Pop! Vinyls to be released are:

  • Jen the Gelfling (pictured above)
  • Kira and her pet Fizzgig (pictured above)
  • Aughra the Astronomer (pictured above)
  • UrSol the Chanter (pictured below)
  • The Chamberlain Skeksis (pictured below)

It should be mentioned that the UrSol the Chanter Pop! vinyl is considerably wider than wider than your average Pop!, this is to accommodate their long tails, so it’s possible this particular figure may be at a slightly higher price point than the rest of the set. You should also stay on the lookout for the variant version of the Kira Pop! with a closed mouth Fizzgig.


UrSol the Chanter (right) and The Chamberlain Skesis (left)

I really do hope that this is the first wave of a much larger range and not the only Dark Crystal products we will see released from Funko. There is a lot of scope, character wise, from the film and expanded universe to base future Pop!s on, I would very much love it if they released the other nine Skekses featured in the film. There’s also the rest of the Mystics from the film alongside the other creatures and races featured in the Dark Crystal’s lore.

It could be rather interesting to see a six inch Pop! Vinyl version of a Landstrider.

In the meantime if you need to fill a Dark Crystal merchandise shaped hole in your heart, Zen Monkey Studios carry some officially licensed products. Currently their range only consists of one t-shirt and a collectible pin badge but they are of a very high quality and I know that they do have more Dark Crystal merchandise in the works!

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The Dark Crystal Funko Pop! Vinyls will be released July, 2016.


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