Funko announces a whole plethora of Doctor Strange POP! Vinyls and Dorbz figurines

By ·August 4, 2016 3:19 pm

It appears that the onslaught of Doctor Strange collectibles and merchandise has already begun, irregardless of the film’s October and November release dates. We’ve only just had the release of the Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum set from LEGO this Monday and today we’ve greeted with an armada of Doctor Strange announcements from Funko.

Funko are bringing Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo, The Ancient One and Kaecilius to life in their POP! Vinyl and Dorbz ranges of vinyl figures. There are five new additions to Funko’s Dorbz range, incuding Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo, Kaecilius, a Zealot of course a Gamestop exclusive figurine. The exclsuive figure is Doctor Strange in his astral projection form, you can view all of the new Dorbz figures at the very end of the article.

The POP! Vinyl range also gets a lot of love with not one, not two, but three different Doctor Strange figures, Karl Mordo, The Ancient One and Kaecilius figures. The Kaecilius figure features very impresive glitter accents around his eyes that add a lot of depth to the model. Two of the Doctor Strange figures are in fact store exclusives, you can get the uncloaked Doctor Strange from Walmart and the Astral Projection form of Doctor Strange from Target.

You will also be able to acquire a four pack of POP! vinyls consisting of Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo, The Ancient One and Kaecilius, exclusively from the Disney Store. Also availble will be a POP! keyring of the normal cloaked Doctor Strange sculpt. Both the four-pack and keyring are not pictured in this article.

While I am a fan of the Doctor Strange POP! sculpts, I’m not entirely sold on the use of translucent urine coloured plastic for the Astral Projection exclsuives. I can’t help but think it looks like gelatinous piss.

You can view pictures for the majority of the range below and above and they are all due to be released in October. Will you be purchasing any of the new Doctor Strange Funko figures? Let us know in the comments below.

Funko's Karl Mordo POP! vinyl with his bo staff.The Ancient one in POP! vinyl form.Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius character in POP! vinyl form with glitter accents on the eyes.


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