Forget the selfie, it’s time to brick yourself with these custom LEGO portraits

By ·July 26, 2016 11:30 am

In the era of selfie sticks, taking your photo has become overtly droll. A quick scroll through Instagram unviels hundreds upon hundreds of dime a dozen photos featuring duck faces, thigh gaps and hotdog legs. It has become a bane upon our society to be drowned in such repetitive perfection, but fear not there is a solution to all of this. Let us introduce you to the LEGO selfie!

The creative geniuses at Firebox have just revealed their latest custom product, “Brick Yourself”, where you can have a LEGO minifigure assembled in your likeness to match your personality and hobbies. Your custom minifigure will arrive in a chunky box frame with your choice of quote underneath the LEGO likeness. Your personalised LEGO selfie will set you back £29.99 and takes a few days to arrive, due to it having to be assembled and the parts matched to your likeness.

TOP TIP: You don’t have to be your boring old self in your LEGO selfie, if you want to be a fireman, you can! If you want to be an astronaut, you can! Hell if you wanted to be a bank robber, the master builders at Firebox could make your dreams come true!


During the personalisation process you’re able to upload a picture of yourself, which without doubt, is what the master builders at Firebox will use to aid them in construction of your minifigure doppelgänger. You can also decide which text you would like to appear underneath the minifigure in the mounted photo frame, you could leave this blank if you’re a person of little words. Finally you’re given a free field to describe yourself – this is your chance to tell them you love hotdogs, cats and wearing shorts. With this final bit of information the master builders will have no trouble matching your LEGO mini me to you and your personality.

TOP TIP: Ensure the photo you upload during personalisation has the final hairstyle you wish your minifigure to have. You wouldn’t want to upload an old photo of yourself with a horrid haircut from your school years, would you? No one needs to be reminded of the poor choices we all make as teenagers.

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So there you have it, with just a simple form to fill out and several days to wait for it’s construction, it has never been easier to capture your likeness in the iconic design philosophies of LEGO.


A fortunate coincidence of LEGO design is that you’re going you’ll be pristinely svelte for eternity, however an unfortunate coincidence is that you’ll always appear to be cosplaying one of the Simpsons characters. You win some, you lose some.

Without a doubt these will make perfect gifts for LEGO fans of all ages and I suspect these LEGO portraits will be a must have gift come Christmas time.

You can order the “Brick Yourself” photo for £29.99 from Firebox

Image Credits: Firebox

Written by Michael James Ilett


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