Footage, synopsis, and more revealed for Spider-Man: Homecoming at San Diego Comic-Con

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What a glorious few days it’s been to be a geek, hasn’t it? So much news for all of us in the geekdom to get our heads around. Well, it’s not over yet.

If, like we here at The Nerd Recites, you were a big fan of Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, you are definitely in for a treat today. We have a ton of information about Holland’s solo outing as the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, which includes information on a clip from the film that was shown to those lucky enough to be in attendance, a synopsis for the movie, a list of the cast, and a confirmation regarding Spidey’s very first main antagonist.

The given synopsis doesn’t really give anything away or offer any tantalising information, but here it is anyway: “A young Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland), who made his sensational debut in Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War, begins to navigate his newfound identity as the web-slinging superhero in Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

The footage shown in Hall H at this year’s Comic-Con is unlikely to be released online (officially) any time soon, but never fear – The Nerd Recites is here, and we have all the details you could want about what they included in the clip. Here we go:

“Every story, ever hero, has a beginning”. Cue a selection of yearbook photos featuring each of our beloved Marvel characters (which appear to be actual photos of the cast), as “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett plays over the footage. The camera begins to zoom into one particular yearbook photo which then cuts to a live action scene. We see Peter Parker walking through high school as a homecoming banner is raised. We now see Peter sat in a science lesson paying absolutely no attention whatsoever to the teacher, instead focusing on a YouTube video of Spider-Man battling Giant-Man. We’re not entirely sure how anybody captured that footage, but let’s just role with it. Flash Thompson is introduced as the teacher chooses him to answer a question, which he fails to answer correctly. Peter, closing his laptop, provides the correct answer, despite not paying attention. Flash gives a snide glance towards Peter. For those wondering, Flash Thompson is played by Tony Revolori.

Later, Peter is working on his web fluid rather than doing the actual project he is supposed to be. Next appears to be gym class – Peter is doing a number of push-ups as a group of nearby girls are playing FMK (Fuck-Marry-Kill) using the Marvel Superheroes as the main subject. One girl doesn’t understand why Spider-Man has been left out of the list of possibilities; something which Peter is able to hear, causing him to smile. After receiving a text, Peter tells a classmate that he needs to leave, prompting his friend to respond “What are you hiding, Peter?”. Cut to Peter jumping onto a movie truck, now donning his iconic Spider-Man suit as he climbs up a wall, and more. Before the clip ends, we return to Peter’s friend who continues “Just kidding, I don’t care what you’re doing”. Boom – the Spider-Man: Homecoming logo appears on the cover of a high school notebook. End of the clip.

Oh wait, except it totally isn’t! We are treated to one last moment. A reveal that confirms months of rumours: Vulture descends towards the camera wearing a suit of armour in his signature green colouring. End of the clip for real this time.


This piece of concept art that was revealed during Comic-Con depicts Spidey battling with Vulture; his very first villain.

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A list of cast members were also revealed during the panel which did not specifically state the characters they will be playing, but we have: Tom Holland reprising his role as Peter Parker / Spider-Man, Marisa Tomei also reprising her role as Aunt May, with Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, and Michael Keaton, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Tyne Daly, and Bokeem Woodbine. Of course, let’s not forget that Robert Downey Jr. is rumoured to be appearing as Tony Stark.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be released on Friday, 7th July 2017.

Image credits: Marvel, Sony.

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